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Microsoft. Gimme a break!!!


Ya know it really grinds my gears when I see people are unwilling to simply play fair.  You produce a product, you advertise it, and then you sell it.  People in turn like what you have made so they purchase it and you make profit.  In this case, oodles and oodles of it.

Simple huh?

If only it was that simple.  When I think of this it reminds me of two characters called Pinky and the Brain.  In fact, I’m not gonna be able to do it justice so just watch this and you’ll get what I am saying.

LOL!!! Nailed it!!

The first 13 seconds really tell the tale.   Microsoft has already dominated the world of office software, but apparently “the world is not enough.”  Driven by commercial greed and egotism, they are not content to work on their own products and to innovate them even more, but they seek to stifle the efforts of others that don’t compete from a financial standpoint but make their software available for free.

Are you serious?  Sadly they are, and they wont stop cause they cant stop and on and on.

Come on Microsoft, we’re gonna need you to DO THE RIGHT THING.  Why don’t you just leave them alone.

The article that got me on this rant today is below:


Whew!! that feels better!







Windows for Linux

I am writing this on my phone, but its OK.  Reason being is that Microsoft Office or even parts of it such as Word will not be released
for Linux in 2013 or 2014.  In fact, it will NEVER happen.  Anyone that tells you anything different has their head full of sand.

Lets go under the Surface…Microsoft will you make this work?

Just today I was reading about a new tablet from Microsoft featuring Windows 8.   I would love to be able to say off-hand that it is going to be an #epic fail I decided to actually take a look at the info that was available for it and give it a chance based on what I learn.

Honestly speaking I think that Windows 8, while not suited for desktops unless perhaps you have a touch screen PC may be better for tablets so I am really curious as to how this is to turn out.

You may have heard about a product from Microsoft called Surface and that was basically a huge tablet built into a table, which I think is an awesome idea.  Yet that surface is different from the tablet.

Here are some of the specs according to Forbes magazine from yesterday:

“At an event held in Los Angeles this afternoon, Microsoft announced a new Windows 8 tablet called “Surface“. Not to be confused with its current “Surface” product, this tablet features a 10.6″ display with a microSD slot, USB 2.0 port,  and a magnesium case with PVD features. With edges beveled at 22 degrees and only 9.3 mm thin, the total weight of Surface is incredibly light at just 1.5 pounds. Another version of Surface designed for professionals, Surface for Windows Pro, is built with the latest Intel CPU.

Surface for Windows Pro also features the ability to use Digital Ink with pen input. During the announcement, it was noted that the distance between the stylus and the screen is .7mm. Surface for Windows Pro also features a microSDXC slot and a USB 3.0 port instead, and is slightly thicker at 13.5 mm.”

For the full article see http://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyclay/2012/06/18/microsoft-announces-surface-its-new-windows-8-tablet/

You probably want to look at it don’t you? Well here it is.

It looks nice I’ll give it that, yet why in the world does Microsoft decide to reuse the name “surface” couldn’t you have come up with something new?

Another question speaking of tablets.   Since we like to compare such and such with the Ipad  so Will this Surface tablet be better than the Ipad? Some seem to think so in certain respects.

Please give me your thoughts on this I look forward to them.   This is probably going to be very interesting indeed!

Some thoughts on Windows 8 Consumer Edition

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about the Windows 8 Consumer Edition, I was thinking to myself: “This is going to be garbage”. Yet, when I checked it out on my cousins PC. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Granted, he removed Windows 7 entirely and is running Windows 8 as his main Operating System, but thats fine and I wish him the best on that, but as for me and my household, I have to honestly say I have very little interest in it. Just not my cup of tea.

Sure, the new Metro interface is nice, but I see it being an issue as it appears to be better for a touch screen PC or a tablet than for a PC that one will be used with a keyboard and mouse. It is such a good thing I am not the only one with that concern.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of zdnet.com had this to say:

“I know I’ve ranted about this before, but that’s not going to stop me from ranting about it again.

I still can’t fathom out why Microsoft is pushing a touch-based operating user interface onto systems that people are going to be driving with a keyboard and mouse, which I estimate will make up at least 90 percent if not more of Windows 8 users over the lifespan of the operating system. It feels like change for the sake of change and nothing else.

The rest of that blog can be found here.

I am considering doing a follow up to this post, by the way so stay posted. I would like to do a comparison of Windows 8 vs. Ubuntu 12.04 as I am quite curious as to how that will go. I do plan on giving it a fair chance.

Please feel free to share with me your thoughts and experiences with Windows 8 Consumer Edition.