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Microsoft. Gimme a break!!!

Ya know it really grinds my gears when I see people are unwilling to simply play fair.  You produce a product, you advertise it, and then you sell it.  People in turn like what you have made so they purchase … Continue reading

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Windows for Linux

I am writing this on my phone, but its OK.  Reason being is that Microsoft Office or even parts of it such as Word will not be released for Linux in 2013 or 2014.  In fact, it will NEVER happen.  … Continue reading

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Lets go under the Surface…Microsoft will you make this work?

Just today I was reading about a new tablet from Microsoft featuring Windows 8.   I would love to be able to say off-hand that it is going to be an #epic fail I decided to actually take a look … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Windows 8 Consumer Edition

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about the Windows 8 Consumer Edition, I was thinking to myself: “This is going to be garbage”. Yet, when I checked it out on my cousins PC. It wasn’t as bad as I … Continue reading

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