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How to update to LibreOffice 4.1, using a PPA


Yes, I see you.  You have that look on your face that says you don’t know what I am talking about.   Well, that’s OK because you will soon enough.

I couple of weeks ago I was online and saw that LibreOffice 4.1 was available, had trouble updating it from the website so I looked for another way to do it.  One that that actually turned out to be more convenient for me to do.

That’s where the PPA comes in.  PPA stands for Personal Package Archive.  They are programs that are available in what are called Repositories.   These store the programs in a manner that has been looked at to ensure that there is no malware thus making it really really secure.  It also has what you need available in such a way that they can be updated whenever a new version comes out without having to go to a particular website.

I had LibreOffice 3.5 and wanted to update to 4.1.  So I went to trusty Google came across this very helpful site.

Once there, I had all of the instructions I needed to do what I wanted.  It look about half an hour to update everything, but it was well worth the wait.

So there you go, I used the Terminal to do this but I just made things a bit easier for me myself and I.

Before I forget, I plan on making some videos to post on YouTube soon, they will likely be Linux and Open-Source related so look out for them.







Rant about the power of Linux

I am trying to install Linux Mint 13 XFCE onto my laptop, and its given me a hard time. I got frustrated with it so I decided to use a Live-DVD of the same operating system instead for the time being. This allows me to use this laptop. despite the issues I am facing with it at the moment.

In fact, I am writing this in a program called LibreOffice which is free office suite that I have fallen in love with since I found out about it. It’s proven to be very useful to me and that’s why I am rather happy to write about it yet again.

Along with being about to read and write documents of various types I am also able to listen to music or watch movies, in addition to using the Internet.

So pretty much anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you.

Of course I am playing (or am I)?


What I can say is that every single program I would use on here is free. That even includes hundreds of games. No not anything such as World of Warcraft, but to be honest, I don’t play games like that anyway.

To be honest with you, one of my favorite PC games of all time in fact it is my favorite would be Sim City 4 Deluxe edition and while it may be designed for Windows machines I would still be able to play it thanks to a program called Wine.

Speaking of Wine that sounds like something I often hear people doing when it comes to Windows, especially when it comes to Windows 8. Not the first time I have heard of such a thing, and it definitely won’t be the last. Remember Vista?

You know what? I think I know what happened……… Someone took some rocks threw them at Metro and broke the Windows.

Who would do such a thing? Isn’t that awful? Yet that is what happened, and then it was decided that the people who threw the rocks should know that what they did was bad. Yet, they did it any way!!

You know what you can access it here and read it for yourself.

I could also talk about not getting viruses and the like, but I really don’t need to and that discussion has been had so many times at this point its pretty lame to me.

I am happy to have plenty of customization features right at my fingertips as well.

Yes I’m free to do what I want…any old where!!!!

I think I will go into that in more detail another time until then be sure to look where you are going.



Sometimes the best things in life are free

libreoffice 4I’ll never forget a time I went to a Microcenter computer store and I overheard this woman asking one of the workers there if her new PC came with Word Processing software.  He was honest in telling her that it didn’t but that for some extra money(over $100.00) she could get something that would work for her.

I tell ya that was downright painful to see.  I mean I wanted to tell the lady that in truth there was no good reason to spend any more extra money.  At the same time I was able to maintain my composure, and it gave me considerable food for thought.

I thought about how I know of several options she could have gotten for the super low price of 0.00 dollars.  OpenOffice, LibreOffice,Abiword,Calligra Office suite, and that’s not even all of them.

Yet something I understand is that people in general are not aware of the choices they have unless there is someone to tell them about it.  This is why I feel compelled to tell you guys about one of these wonderful programs.


I have used LibreOffice for a couple of years now and I must say it is awesome to use.  I mean even one of my brothers Mr Ed had nothing but rave reviews for this particular program.  In fact he liked it so much he installed it is on his Mac Book Pro a few months ago.


No!! LibreOffice.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, if you are concerned about compatibility issues between the documents you create and someone else that does have Microsoft Office, then it will be to your advantage to save the document as a PDF file and then send that to the other person.  This is very easy to do

The reason there MAY be an issue is that Microsoft likes to create proprietary text formats that they closely guard…..docx anyone?  As a result it can be difficult to translate things perfectly all the time.

Check out LibreOffice here. 

I also did a short video on Youtube and that can be reached here.


Libreoffice: A wonderful choice



A little while back,  I wrote about several choices one has when choosing a word-processing program. I gave the options of Microsoft Word, Abiword, and…Open Office. These programs were already quite well established by 2010.  In 2011, however Libreoffice was born.  (I talk about that more below.) All of these with the exception of Microsoft Office, are free software. You can check out that post here.

This time, we are going to discuss Libreoffice. It is a wonderful office suite of products similar to Microsoft Office. You may be familiar with Word, Excel, Powerpoint,  and Impress. Those programs have their equivalents in Libreoffice. They are discussed in much detail here.

Now let us get back to the suite as a whole:

LibreOffice (pronounced /ˌliː.brəˈɒ.fɪs/) is a free and open source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation, which began as a fork of OpenOffice.org. It is largely compatible with other major office suites, including Microsoft Office, and is available for a variety of platforms.[4]

LibreOffice is a hybrid word, meaning “Free Office”. Libre means free (as in freedom) in French and Spanish.

Between January 2011 (its first stable launch) and October 2011, LibreOffice was downloaded approximately 7.5 million times.[5] It is the default office suite in manyLinux distributions, such as Fedora,[6] Linux Mint,[7] openSUSE,[8] and Ubuntu.[9]

LibreOffice can be run on Microsoft WindowsMac OS X 10.4 Tiger or newer, andLinux-based systems running Linux kernel version 2.6.18 or newer.[1] Ports forFreeBSDNetBSD and OpenBSD are being maintained by contributors to those projects, respectively.[10][11][12]

I had heard about the problems that a number of the developers with the open office project were having as a result of Oracle’s purchase of it. As a result, I like many others were quite concerned. Thankfully, to our relief the Libreoffice project was formed.

They took what was there and started working on trimming of the fat or unnecessary coding. As a result it became even better on resources such as RAM, than it was already.

Two of the things that I really enjoy about this  office suite, is the fact that it can export files to PDF,  and it has a portable version which can be run on a flash drive.

Need I say more? There are even extensions that are available to enhance it even further. Pretty much, “You don’t really wanna stop…..noooo”.

So go ahead download it, you’ll be happy you did!

Special thanks to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LibreOffice

as well as http://www.libreoffice.org

I almost forgot: http://portableapps.com/apps/office/libreoffice_portable

My favorite distro of Linux

So far I have used Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10. and as is probably painfully obvious by now I am quite fond of Ubuntu although one thing that I have found to be annoying is its unable to play mp3’s or mp4’s If  you don’t have the right codecs installed.  This isn’t much of an issue at all unless you don’t have internet access, in that case it is a major problem. Its not that there isn’t a good reason for that, as people that own proprietary software do have the right to limit how it is being used.

At the same time even when you get a Windows PC while it does come with Windows Media Player it doesn’t come with the codecs you need to play what you want either.  The work around in that case is to simply download another media player and one that has worked wonderfully for me for years is VLC.

In addition to the many versions of Ubuntu there are quite a few other flavors of Linux that  I  have also used including OpenSuse,  Linux Mint. Open SUSE I didn’t care for as I just wasn’t really feeling the KDE interface it just wasn’t for me.

Now as far as 9.10 is concerned I have a certain fondness for it simply because it ws the very first distro of Linux that I was exposed to and so I leave it on one of my PCs as a result of that. 10.04 is when the desktop color scheme switched from orange to purple and I really don’t have an issue with that at all nothing wrong with a little change here or there.I installed it to the PC using a live CD that was with a magazine I purchased sometime in late 2009 or early 2010.

10.04 is what I was running on my laptop as a WUBI  which means I ran  Linux within Windows as if it is an application and if I ever want to get rid of it I can simply erase the folder it is in.  It was nice and easy to use, although it is not really meant to be used on a constant basis.  I had quite a few applications and programs installed onto it, and so I was rather hesitant to upgrade to 10.10 as of yet on my laptop.

I did however take the time to install 10.10 into my beige computer and I am very proud of that since I had purposely removed the CD drive and I wanted to see if it was possible to put an operating system onto a PC by using a USB drive it just seemed like such a great idea and when I did my reasearch I found out it was not only possible but quite simple if it was possible to put an operating system onto a PC by using a USB drive it just seemed like such a great idea and when I did my reasearch I found out it was not only possible but quite simple the do to the program I had on my USB drive was LILO which stands for the Linux Loader, the most popular boot loader for Linux. There are indeed others I have found out about recently but at the time this is the one I knew about thanks to http://www.pendrivelinux.com for that.

11.04 or Natty Narwhal I used that one and I do like about this particular release is it has dropped OpenOffice as its main office suite and has switched over to LibreOffice. I am also excited about its expanded touch screen capabilities as well. As I explain more in detail in another post It wasn’t for me.

Out of them all Linux Mint in general I must say is awesome indeed I like the fact that I am able to play mp3’s and a few other files types that I normally use without having to install any codecs from anywhere it is already set up right out of the box. I also like the clean desktop that it uses the color scheme as well. I have only been using it for quite some time now but so far so good. I do realize that I can probably easily install what I need for various media but I have found Linux Mint to be easier in this respect.

The Linux Mint that I was using  is known as Linux Mint 10 or codename Julia Once again I am very pleased with it appearance and ease of use. Now I am checking out it younger edition 12 nicknamed Lisa.

Other distros are Pinguy OS which I discovered in December 2010, and Puppy Linux which is an incredibly lightweight OS designed for computers with limited RAM or Hard drive space. Both are easy to use as well.

Wow! this has ended up being my longest post yet but I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for hanging out with me.

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Read more: http://computersight.com/operating-systems/linux/my-favorite-distro-of-linux/#ixzz1limcJfjA


It may be small but watch out! It packs a punch

Abiword is a very simple word processing program, its name even reflects sharing since the name “AbiWord” (pronounced “Abby Word”) is derived from the root of the Spanish word “abierto“, meaning “open”. I have found it to be very easy to use. And something I am quite fond of. And just why is that the case? Because it  loads up really quickly which makes it more efficient to use when you are in a hurry. I find it useful for writing notes and simple do do lists etc. I found out about this program a few years ago totally by accident, and I have been very happy with it ever since.

AbiWord screenshot

Something else that I like about it is that is is free, now truthfully there are other programs that are also free, but they are also more complex and so therefore they take a lot longer to set up than I like.  The current version of Abiword is 2.8.6 which isn’t all that important but it is updated pretty often which shows me that there is an active community of those that enjoy program as well. It is cross-platform which means it can be used whether you use Windows Mac or Linux so once again there is freedom with that. There is even a portable version for use on USB devices.

Now don’t let its small size fool you for Abiword can pack quite a punch and a simple search on google will blow your mind as to what is available. So by all means check it out. You will be happy you did!!