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Social Networking isn’t all bad

Hello all,

A while back, I spoke about the need for security online which I enjoyed preparing for.  By request, I decided to write concerning the positive aspects of social networking. One of the most positive aspects is that I can keep track of friends and family, especially when they live far away. Perhaps they have internet access via WiFi and they don’t have access to a phone.  Well, here is a way to communicate with them anyway.It can even be used to keep in contact with folks that live in the same area you do.

Whatever the case, it is a lot of fun to see some of the posts people make and, as long as they are not vulgar or otherwise inappropriate, there is nothing wrong with it. You can come to learn a lot about a person from the things they post about and, for some people, they just feel more comfortable typing a message to someone vs. face-to-face or even calling.  It may sound stupid but it’s just how some people are.

Then, there are games.  I know for me one of the first things I did upon getting a Facebook page was to play a game called FarmVille.  I don’t even have to go into a description of that since it is pretty much all over the place now with subscribers logging in billions of hours. This was my favorite game for a while until it got lame so I started playing FishVille which pretty much was the same concept…LOL!  Alas, I have gotten bored with that game as well…tsk tsk.

On another note, I recently got a Twitter account.  I thought it was stupid at first but when I got started, it turned out to be a lot of fun to the point that I enjoy it more than Facebook sometimes (maybe because of the novelty of it). It is fun to see random thoughts people have in the course of a day.

Ahh, I remember the good old days of Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger.  Things have gotten a lot more complex since then. LOL! I remember when in order to send someone a picture, you had to email it to them. Things have changed a lot.

I am happy that now, as a result of Facebook and other social networks, I am able to share my blog with others. Also, as a result of my posts on Facebook and Twitter in general, I am able to posts things and get multiple responses to it. I find that to be especially convenient nowadays.

It just goes to show that social networking can be a good thing, although one does do well to set limits on who they “friend” or “follow” on them.