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Any one who follows me knows that I am a big Linux fan.  I started using Linux in 2005 and switched to Ubuntu in 2006.  I made the mistake of upgrading my Ubuntu11.04 to 11.10 which in my opinion, is the worst Ubuntu version.  I had issues with the distribution starting with Compiz. Just moving a window around the desktop was horrendous with a mid level graphics card.  The entire OS felt buggy and not very well put together.  Ubuntu 11.10 became unusable and I had to switch to Zorin, which is based on Ubuntu 11.04.

12.04 fixed a lot of the issues I had with 11.10 but took a way some features that I use a lot.  So far, 12.04 is pretty stable and feels more reliable than 11.10 ever did.  I am currently running both distributions along with a Windows XP, for school, on the same computer.  There will be more posts on…

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