I love this book, it is packet with info


Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 book imageOK, just got this book yesterday and this marks the beginning of a project to learn more about Linux. Back in the day I did some UNIX and last year I did a course that involved installation of Linux and some DSP tools but no need to go into those here!

So what’s the first chapter? Ah, get Ubuntu 11.10 working. I am writing this on an ASUS U36J laptop (64 bit, i5 processor, very nice) which came with Windows 7, but is now successfully coping with the mild demands of Linux! So how did the book help to get here? I don’t want to repeat the instructions, but let’s say that things are never as simple as books make out.

In the past,  I have set up dual boot Windows / LInux configurations, but the book recommends using a program called Wubi to install Linux within Windows some how…

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