Birgir Freyr

I have been thinking about trying out a different Linux distro for my Asus x101 netbook. My main concern is getting a bit faster performance and still get good use from the small 10.1” screen. For this very unscientific test I did Live CD run of the following Operating system and checked how much ram the OS used after start up and then again with Firefox running. Here are the results.

Ubuntu 11.10
Ram usage after start up: 245.4mb or 12.2%
Ram with Firefox running: 259.9 mb or 12.9%
I had to go do something and when I came back after about 5 minutes the RAM usage was up to 426,2mb or 21.3%

Pear OS 4
Ram usage after startup198,6mb Ram or 9.9%
Ram with Firefox running 237.8mb or 11.9%

Pear OS 4 Netbook
Ram usage after startup: 208.7mb or 10.4%
didn’t try it with Firefox since Firefox doesn’t come…

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