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This is the first day that I have not seen any lizards. I normally see between five and ten of them on my hourly blog walk. Where have all the lizards gone? I always suspect mosquito spraying activities (although I have never seen any spraying taking place). Also, a lot of their habitat has recently been cut down. However I did find some red bugs, a praying mantis, a small jumping spider, and lots of caterpillers. The bright caterpiller colours and their long horns must be a warning to the birds that these guys should not be eaten.

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I originally wrote this on February 21, 2011 it was my very first blog post and I must say as I look back over the last year I am very happy to have started this journey. Thanks to my instructor Matthew West for the inspiration.


To me the word intrepid describes an individual that is determined to be successful despite the hardships that person may be facing at that present time. It also involves hanging in there despite setbacks and disappointments, which as part of life is common.

I know for me just coming to school is a challenge considering I live in DC and it takes three buses to get here, not to mention I hate having to wake up so early. Then to add to that coming to school and having to contend with a school that is anything but professional in the way it handles issues. I also have had to put up with other students who think that behaving in an ignorant fashion is a great idea. That was something I found to be highly annoying especially considering that we all are adults and should be able to manage our own behavior.

I do admit I was quite apprehensive about going back to school but then I decided it was for the best after having several jobs that I came to realize was not going to ever help me reach my full potential not just money-wise but as a person. When I was a server and things got worse and worse financially despite me doing my best to take care of the guests who expected top –notch service but were not willing to tip fairly I got to the point where I got really disgusted with myself for settling for something so mediocre. I eventually found out about this program thanks to my cousin and uncle and I felt that this would be a great opportunity to do something different for myself. And I desire to enter the IT field and set things up so that I can be in a position to provide for myself and assist my family more so.

Read more: http://socyberty.com/education/intrepid/#ixzz1pzaHA9f2

Read more: http://socyberty.com/education/intrepid/#ixzz1pza3y9KA

The Forest part 2

I figured I would break this up into parts as I have plenty of pictures to share with you and I wanted there to be plenty of emphasis on each of them.  At the time of my walk it had rained a few hours beforehand and that is why the greens are as fresh as they are. The temperature was early to mid 70’s and very comfortable thus giving me inspiration to do a nice long walk in my favorite place to be.

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The Forest

As you probably already know I have a very strong love for nature. Seeing God’s creation is something that makes me very happy and I really prefer a walk in the woods to a walk down the street any day of the week. These pictures were taken earlier this week in March of 2012 Enjoy!

Looking up

Another view of the trees lots of Beech trees that have writing on them I observed especially in the larger trees.

Here is a wildflower I have never seen before