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There are 400 commands to type in Linux Terminal, (maybe some or most of them run in a Mac Terminal)…although the link is in Spanish, it’s easy to understand what is going to happen when you type it, but if you are not sure…ask to Google Translator😀


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Slacker Boy

When I read that Adobe was going to withdraw it’s stand alone flash player support for Gnu/Linux, felt a little bit strange, though it was with the exception of chrome/chromium browser.

flash player logo

As per a blog entry by Adobe: “Adobe has been working closely with Google to develop a single modern API for hosting plugins within the browser (one which could replace the current Netscape plugin API being used by the Flash Player). The PPAPI, code-named “Pepper” aims to provide a layer between the plugin and browser that abstracts away differences between browser and operating system implementations”. So from it is pretty clear that how Google is going to market their Chrome browser for Gnu/Linux, if you are using a Gnu/Linux distribution and you want to see Flash content, it looks like you’re left with just one choice, and that’s to embrace Google Chrome. Yet there left something for…

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The Real Mack

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I recently came across this site , I highly recommend it to people are who interested in Computer Science ,and are passionate about computers , and how they work. With this site you don’t need to go buy expensive textbooks to learn how computers work, all the information is there and it is free , and it is a great starting point if you want get into Computer Science.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program, otherwise known as GIMP, is a free, powerful open source photo editing program for Mac, Windows, and Linux that is considered an excellent alternative to expensive image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop. GIMP can perform basic image editing tasks such as resizing, editing, cropping photos, and format conversion. It has a number of built-in advanced features like layering, masking, and the ability to create animated images and desktop icon in addition to countless user submitted plugins that help to ensure an ongoing feature-rich experience.

Windows Version

“Numerous digital photo imperfections can be easily compensated for using GIMP. Fix perspective distortion caused by lens tilt simply choosing the corrective mode in the transform tools,” note developers. “Eliminate lens’ barrel distortion and vignetting with a powerful filter but a simple interface.”

Channel mixer, barrel distortion, perspective transform and colorize are but a few of the many ways GIMP allows you to enhance your images and affords you the…

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