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The gardens of Maine around Bar Harbor are legendary. There are Azalea gardens, and Japanese gardens, and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Gardens — one is more spectacular than the next. This is the area fringing Acadia State Park, and considering how rugged are  the winters, the short summer season is surprisingly Arcadian.

The bright green moss carpet provides a backdrop for our contrasting pair: Old and Young.

The trees on the right certainly look old  — but how old can birches be? Depending on the variety of birch, it might make it to 40, or even to 140 years. But compare it to the Korean stone “scholar” statue at the left, which is centuries old, and the birch tree is a youngster. And we? We are infants, or mayflies, which live scarcely 24 hours.

So age, like so much else, is relative! I wonder what you think about this, what…

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awesome pics

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The balance of these Inside/Outside contrasts has been shifting. Now we’re mostly inside, now we’re mostly outside. But here in this photo, it seems to me that the balance is poised equally between them, one of the reasons it was so satisfying to live in our Berkshires condo for ten years:

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We saw many things of interest at Kings Canyon, on the three day Rock Tour. One such thing was the way animals can camouflage themselves for protection against predators.

Though not specifically camouflage, my fly net over my hat kept the flies away very successfully. Waving flies away from your face with your hand is commonly called “the great Australian salute” if you are unfamiliar with that expression. It’s almost an institution here in summer.

My favourite cleverly camouflaged creature would have to be the little brown gecko, whose ochre colouring blends perfectly with the surrounding rocks.

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a very nice nature post

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Of course, as soon as I posted yesterday that there were not many flowers around, I started noticing flowers.  First the azaleas in my own yard, which are huge and bright pink, so I’m not at all sure how I forgot about them yesterday.  This bush is actually taller than my privacy fence, and it isn’t the biggest one around by a long shot.

Yeah, there is a butterfly there, and I know I said I wasn’t going to put any more butterflies in this blog, but I just got all caught up in the thrill of photographing a moving target.  Then I forgot to get one of the azaleas alone, and since I do love them, I had to put the butterfly in, right?

Then as I looked around a little more, I started seeing little flowers, like these pretty purple ones that I thought were wild irises but…

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Parsimony Lane where art thou

Recently, I was getting a ride home by one of my brothers and something very strange showed up on his GPS screen. It was a place I had never heard of called Parsimony Lane. I mentioned it to him and he was so sure that it existed, but I told him it didn’t exist not in the neighborhood that it was said to be in nor the entire city of Washington, DC.  Truthfully speaking though while I knew it wasn’t in that neighborhood I wasn’t really sure it was in DC at all.

Its funny how it kept popping up as I spend time with my brother at least twice a week and I would mention it over and over. Finally last night we decided to check it out once and for all. What where the results you may wonder? Well to his intense surprise and confirmation of what I already knew to be true as I was raised in the area I know my hood so to speak. So it was really a no-brainer at all.

Such a pity we followed his precious GPS and went up a very familiar street to me and BAM!!!!! no parsimony lane.

He had been so sure of his GPS device not leading us astray but it did. In fact he was planning on taking a picture on Parsimony lane with him on it. Ha ha ha!!! Not so fast!

Let me repeat There is no Parsimony Lane as the map below shows.

Oh yeah before I forget “Parsimony Lane” is Old Morgan Place NW It is next to an elementary school.

Just goes to show how a person can be WRONG!!!!! Like I told you and what!