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We have got to prove Satan to be a liar

Sometimes in life it seems like no matter how hard we try to do what is right there is always someone looking to make you feel as though the effort you put forth was for naught, a waste of time.  Unfortunately there really is. And he hates you with everything he has.

How do you respond when life gets you down, when you know you are right about something but at the moment are powerless to right the wrong?

When that happens what do you do? Do you allow the frustration to eat at the very core of you to the point where it feels like you just can’t take it anymore?  Or do you  just flick off?

Interestingly while those two things may be the easy or “natural” thing to do it is what that ONE wants you to do, yes your Adversary that is always trying to make you mad, hurt your feelings anything to cause you distress.

Why does he do this? Because he wants you to have the same fate as he does, his hope is that if he puts enough pressure on you, that you will crack like an egg.

A wise man once said that: “man born of woman, is short-lived and glutted with agitation” if that sounds familiar well it is because his name was Job.  Job was a man targeted by Satan for the fact that he tried so hard to do what was right. And was wrongfully accused of only serving God, when it was easy to do so, when he was doing well.

Now this man really knew about agitation after all he lost his livelihood his livestock his workers. Then all of his children. Yet the suffering wasn’t done yet for he was now in pain in addition to the emotional grief he felt, it was  physical as well.

Sometimes in life we have our Job moments, times when it seems like things can’t possibly get any worse. And then they do, they get wayyyyyyy wayyyyyy worse.

Yet, notice what happened as a result of Job being able to hold on, he was blessed many times over with livestock, and he had ten more children. Even was able to have his life extended quite a bit.

Could it be that we have lost a job or jobs in this current economic condition? Have we lost children or some other friends or family to death? Do we feel the pressure on us as if the walls are closing in?

Well have no fear for your relief is on the way!

For there are those that love you, that will have your back in times of sorrow that will comfort you when needed, and then one marvelous day all that pain and suffering you went through will be no more.

Don’t you look forward to that day? When you will have meaningful assignments that will allow you to take care of you and your family in a balanced manner.  The security of not ever getting fired, of having to deal with an unreasonable boss.

Sickness, pain things that will be done away with.

This hope is what helps me when I am down, I think about God’s wonderful promises for the future and I smile and think about this scripture:  1 Peter 5:10

Remember, that Satan can only win when we give up, when we surrender to him. But so long as we keep on enduring come what may we will benefit from not only the things mentioned above but even more.

So please lets as individuals do our utmost to prove Satan to be the liar that he is. Prov 27:11

A library needs to be a library

Day by day we all see it, either people doing or saying something that truly is not in the best interest of themselves or others.

I experience this on a day to day basis and while I can hardly be described as perfect I do at least STRIVE to be better and better each day.

I always thought that the library was a place to read books, magazines and the like. And yes I understand in a world where technology has taken over our lives it is understandable to use the internet there as well. In fact that is what I am doing at this very moment while I am writing this.

I have my music playing with earphones and at a level where NO ONE else can hear it. This way everyone else can do what they need to do without being disturbed by me. That’s just how I feel personally and it seems to be real simple to do so. Sadly not all share this concern for others in the world in which we live. In fact the concept of being considerate and having manners seems to be largely a thing of the past something that has been antiquated. But really should that be the case? Of course not. Yet the way of the world is hardly what one would expect to make sense.

Prime example right when I got to the library today, I just wanted to use their WiFi while I wait to pick my sister up from school. So I go to the back where there is a room for those that wish to read books or use their laptops. To my chagrin all the seats were taken or so it would seem.

In fact one of the seats wasn’t really taken since there was a man that wasn’t sitting in it. He was standing behind the chair reading a newspaper. When I asked him if he needed the chair (since clearly he could stand and read his paper anywhere it made since to me) he replied that he did.

I thought that was insane and so I spoke to the head librarian there and told her what had happened, she walked with me and as we got to the room this joker had sat down in the chair.  So I said to myself…OK no problem I will just get another  chair and sit on the end of the table. Now keep in mind I didn’t think there were any that were available,so it was cool to be proven wrong this time. Once I sat down the other patrons looked at me and smiled one of them said.. LOL! he faked you out! And I nodded in reply.

You know what this guy did?   He stood right back up and has continued standing for over 30 mins. Talk about a fake out! At this point it was funny.

Eventually someone left and so I was able to get another spot and so all is well. But it just goes to show how “interesting” people can be sometimes.

Now maybe I am crazy but does it make since to hold up a chair you don’t desire to sit in it?(if it sounds petty oh well its the principle of the matter)

Oh, and this is just one occasion I have had an interesting time at the library so stay tuned and I will have more tales to tell you.

The CHOICES one has with Linux Mint 12

the light theme



As you can see there are CHOICES one of my friends is gonna get a kick out of me saying that!


the dark theme




Yeah I know I have already written about this release here but now that  I have spent more time working with Linux Mint 12 I am even happier than before. And one of the reasons I am so happy is that Virtualbox  is already added by default as well as VLC media player because those are two of my favorite programs to use so for them to be on here is awesome!! (I will be writing posts about these two later.)

I must say the more and more  that I learn about this release the more impressed I become and I have something to say to the man responsible for this:

“Clem, you are truly a genius. After all instead of shoving Unity down our throats, or Gnome 3 you give the users FREE choice to use the desktop that they choose and choice is made available whether they preferred Gnome 2 in that case they can use Mate or Cinnamon, whereas if they are fine with Gnome 3 then they still have lots of customization options thanks to MGSE  (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions) which I feel is such an important thing in the world of Linux.

After all, isn’t that the point of using open-source software in the first place? To have choices? Unlike some proprietary companies that put gates on the windows. Or they have their walled in orchard. LOL!! To not to be shoehorned into what a particular proprietary company wants but to do what WE want to do. I recall listening to Richard Stallman last night while watching the movie “Revolution OS” and him being diametrically opposed to not having choices.  In fact he quit his job at MIT so he could devote because he did not like the changes being pushed onto him.

Now this isn’t to bash Ubuntu or any other distro, of course but just goes to show how much variety is available on Linux even when you break it down by flavors. In fact even with Ubuntu one can install Cinnamon on there so ultimately its no big deal really.

Here are some of the backgrounds available


Awesome backgrounds


That one with the palm leaf is really nice, I have it on one of my PCs at home.

Check these links here and here


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More Than Tomorrow Project

In June of 2009 Monika D. and her immediate family, with assistance from The International Organization for Migration (IOM), left Nepal–along with all of those things that you can’t leave behind–for a new beginning in the Wakefield section of the Bronx, NY. While the transition would prove to be a bumpy one, today Monika is a thriving sophomore at Manhattan’s International High School with lofty ambitions for her future.

Those that know Monika well credit her with scripting her own immigrant success story. Still, as she is quick to point out, “helping hands” along life’s road occasionally deserve mention, too. One such pair of hands, according to Monika, belong to The More Than Tomorrow Project, who, in her words is: “Always there to help us with our computer.”

We recently caught up with Monika to ask her about lentils, life and Linux. What follows is a condensed version of…

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interesting solution to a problem

My Day to Day Interactions with Technology


I have an older G4 eMac with 512Mb RAM. I upgraded the CD-Rom to a DVD burner and am installing Feisty on it. I did however run into issues just getting to the install. Here are the steps I followed to get a successful install started from the Live CD.

1. Download the ISO from here. (I grabbed the one labeled “Mac (PowerPC) and IBM-PPC (POWER5) desktop CD “).

2. Burn to CD and insert into tray. Reboot eMac and hold the “option” key until your boot options appear. Select the CD.

3. If the LiveCD fails to load the GUI and leaves you at a black screen, as mine did, follow these steps:

Hit these keys to take you to a terminal.

at prompt type

Look in the file for the “Modules” Section in there you should have one that says

Load “dri”

change that to

#Load “dri”


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Anthony uses a MacBook Pro!



This may come as a surprise to some of you but I am indeed a changed man. You see just a few hours ago I had the opportunity though brief to spend some time with a MacBook Pro and I must say the experience was awesome indeed!

In fact the very 1st thing I noticed was that it was so light.It was so light that I thought it was a net book but was not it was a full-size laptop with a 17″ screen. As I took it out of its case I really admired the silver look it was very appealing to me. So aesthetics were great in this case it turned out to not only nice to look at but very functional as well. And that’s truly what is important to me, I don’t want something that is simply shiny and something everyone else has. Although to be honest with you I seriously doubt that the majority of people will own the same machine that I had the wonderful pleasure of getting acquainted with, since it is quite expensive. $3,000.00 to be more specific.

So whoever has one of these definitely has money and no I wouldn’t necessarily say to burn since the same friend of mine that showed me this Mac Book Pro also said how useful it is for his line of work as an Audio Engineer. How the way it just works makes his work so much easier and it is not nearly as time consuming as it would have been had it been done on a Windows PC.  Owning this machine is definitely not a waste of time.

The actually booting it up was so quick, it just came on without the wait while things get started I was able to get where I wanted almost instantaneously. What was familiar about it were the maximize, minimize, or full-screen buttons. This was reminiscent of Ubuntu. Now honestly I am not fond of them being on the left side of the screen but I can only imagine that they are able to be moved to the right.

I also liked the bottom panel it was familiar as well. Like various distributions of Linux that I have used over the last few years. All in all it was really nice and was not a shiny piece of rubbish.

The keyboard layout was awesome! I loved the way the keys were spaced out that made typing on it quite a pleasure to do.

LOL! now OK, so I wasn’t as nice to the guys of Apple before, but forgive me for that, for now I have come to appreciate another way to approach desktop computing whether your platform of choice is Linux, Apple or Windows or indeed these three operating systems in any other order of your choice.

So to my dear friend that shared this Mac Book Pro with me, thanks very much. This has been a very enlightening experience for me.

So I will be writing more about my experiences with Macs in the near future so stay tuned.