Anthony uses a MacBook Pro!



This may come as a surprise to some of you but I am indeed a changed man. You see just a few hours ago I had the opportunity though brief to spend some time with a MacBook Pro and I must say the experience was awesome indeed!

In fact the very 1st thing I noticed was that it was so light.It was so light that I thought it was a net book but was not it was a full-size laptop with a 17″ screen. As I took it out of its case I really admired the silver look it was very appealing to me. So aesthetics were great in this case it turned out to not only nice to look at but very functional as well. And that’s truly what is important to me, I don’t want something that is simply shiny and something everyone else has. Although to be honest with you I seriously doubt that the majority of people will own the same machine that I had the wonderful pleasure of getting acquainted with, since it is quite expensive. $3,000.00 to be more specific.

So whoever has one of these definitely has money and no I wouldn’t necessarily say to burn since the same friend of mine that showed me this Mac Book Pro also said how useful it is for his line of work as an Audio Engineer. How the way it just works makes his work so much easier and it is not nearly as time consuming as it would have been had it been done on a Windows PC.  Owning this machine is definitely not a waste of time.

The actually booting it up was so quick, it just came on without the wait while things get started I was able to get where I wanted almost instantaneously. What was familiar about it were the maximize, minimize, or full-screen buttons. This was reminiscent of Ubuntu. Now honestly I am not fond of them being on the left side of the screen but I can only imagine that they are able to be moved to the right.

I also liked the bottom panel it was familiar as well. Like various distributions of Linux that I have used over the last few years. All in all it was really nice and was not a shiny piece of rubbish.

The keyboard layout was awesome! I loved the way the keys were spaced out that made typing on it quite a pleasure to do.

LOL! now OK, so I wasn’t as nice to the guys of Apple before, but forgive me for that, for now I have come to appreciate another way to approach desktop computing whether your platform of choice is Linux, Apple or Windows or indeed these three operating systems in any other order of your choice.

So to my dear friend that shared this Mac Book Pro with me, thanks very much. This has been a very enlightening experience for me.

So I will be writing more about my experiences with Macs in the near future so stay tuned.




12 thoughts on “Anthony uses a MacBook Pro!

  1. Ed Hermano Blanco Smith

    Welcome to the light side, Anthony. I’ve had Macs off and on since I was my early teens and the intuitive nature of them can’t be beat. Elegance aside, the advantage of them is that they work like our minds tell us they should…and they do so in the most streamlined way possible. As you saw, the newest incarnation of the Macbook Pro is incredibly fast (and the one you used wasn’t even connected to the internet). It also does a great job with audio (as all of Macs always have). Are they pricey? Yep, can’t deny that. However, the “clock ticks” and the intelligence in design more than make up for the price. It’s really true that you get what you pay for. Glad you enjoyed your time with it. You can play with it anytime you choose…😉

  2. The Heretic

    I have a MacBook Pro 13, the thicker unibody, upgraded to OS Lion, and I am pretty damn happy with it. Everything from my blogs, to music production, podcasting, videos, etc gets done on my MacBook.

  3. evilestmark

    You’d be surprised to find then, that OS X is basically unconfigurable. period. You can’t move buttons to the right, or do just about anything else. Steve Jobs designed a UX and you’re meant to use it if you’re on a Mac. You can probably download skins/themes that change your mac around, but it’s not a simple process like it would be on Ubuntu or Gnome.

      1. evilestmark

        I haven’t used Unity enough to judge it fairly. OS X works wonderfully, IF you like the way it’s set up. Some of the defaults/behaviors aggravate me. In particular the way pasted files’ icons will overlap each other in the destination folder instead of being sorted in some kind of sane manner. Other points of aggravation are lack of customization features regarding the dock, though I did find that it’s much more managable on the left side than anywhere else.

        Those are the two petty? complaints I have that I often cite, but there are others for other people.

        Overall I prefer to craft my own interface, and that’s why I primarily use Openbox/Linux.

      2. Ed Hermano Blanco Smith

        The “pasting file icons” issue is easily solved by doing a quick “sort” command. Once done, they’ll return to the look we all prefer. As far as the “dock” is concerned, a dock is a dock, really. Not sure of what more it should do other than look like a dock. I, personally, have never had an issue with the “walled garden”‘ness of Mac. When they make their garden as functional as Mac does, I can live with it.

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