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I will not be upgrading from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04

When I first heard about work being done on a new version of Ubuntu, I got very excited.  After all, things seemed to get better and better since I got started in the 9.10 Lucid Lynx days.  Yet, after reading different comments from people using 11.04, in addition to checking it out for myself, I decided that this would be one I am going to let pass. But why? you may wonder?  Well, there is one BIG reason that I will go into now.

The desktop interface has changed from Gnome 2 to Unity and while those coming from a windows background will possible be fond of  this new set up (especially if this is their 1st exposure to Linux) since they  are not used to the “Gnome” way of doing things. I on the other hand since my first exposure to Ubuntu back in early 2010, had already become accustomed to  the way I  interacted with my desktop. So I was quite apprehensive to the change as a result.

It has been said that this new release was as the result of a goal set by Mark  Shuttleworth and the parent company of Ubuntu (Canonical) for the purpose of attracting new users  particularly from the Windows world towards open source operating systems. This makes a lot of sense given that while Linux  is an operating system that has existed since 1991, it has not had nearly the widespread adoption of Windows or Even Mac based systems.

Now of course, I am fine with this concept as I love the idea of getting people to do.  To be able to use something beside Windows, even if it is just for the sake of having more options available to them.

At the same time by making this controversial change there seems to  be quite a few of us dedicated Gnome 2 users that feel left out. And that’s not good since we make up a large number of the existing fanbase. So its been pretty much  been such an issue that some have abandoned Ubuntu totally and ran to other distros  that still use the Gnome 2 standard.

While others like me simply continue using older  versions of Ubuntu such as 10.10 or even earlier. Ryan Paul of Ars Technica had this to say regarding this: “There is a lot to like in Ubuntu  11.04, but also a lot of room for improvement.” Jesse Smith of Distrowatch said “I’m of the opinion there are good  features in this release, but 11.04 definitely suffered from being rushed out  the door while it was still beta quality. Ubuntu aims to be novice-friendly, but  this release is buggy and I think they missed the mark this time around. I’m  limiting my recommendation of 11.04 to people who want to play with an early  release of Unity.”[116][117]

Ivor O’Connor said, quoted in Linux Journal “Ubuntu seems to  be run by kiddies more interested in blinding you with eye-candy than allowing  you to be productive.”

Jim Lynch also quoted in the same magazine had this to say “I find Unity to  be suffocating and unnecessary. For me it adds little value and seems to be in  the way most of the time; so I would definitely not use Ubuntu 11.04 as one of  my regular distros. I tried to like it but I just couldn’t,” said Jim Lynch.

I happen to agree with this, and I am more optimistic of 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot  as by then the unity interface will have had more time to mature to be more  polished than it is right now.  Even if it takes until the next LTS Pummeling Porcupine, or Presumptous Platypus to get there.

Lol! boy was I wrong, for the next release of Ubuntu will be Precise Pangolin.  It will be an LTS version or Long Term Release.  I feel as though the Unity desktop has matured a lot, so I will be checking it out. At the same time I may very well end up installing the Cinnamon desktop on top.

This article was updated from another article I did   http://computersight.com/operating-systems/linux/why-i-wont-be-upgrading-to-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/#ixzz1W4nnMVya