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I am so random!!

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Whew!! it took me a while to do this one.  But I think you’ll love it!!!

An interview with Mate

Anthony-Hello, My name is Anthony and yours is?

Mate’-Well hello to you too, my name is Mate.

Anthony-G’day mate

Anthony- You know, I have been waiting to do this interview with you for sometime but your schedule has been pretty busy.

Mate-Sorry about that, it took a while to get me ready for the world.

Anthony-Not a problem at all.  Really I mean it,  but there is something I have been wondering:  “A lot of people got used to Gnome 2, what happened to it?”

Mate-*bursts into laughter*

Anthony-*looks around and wonders why Mate is laughing*

Mate-Looks at Anthony and laughs historically, so hard in fact he is rolling on the floor laughing!!!!

Anthony-*sees Mate changing colors and waits for him to be done* Meanwhile he starts laughing too, when Mate…

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Yet another drought

Life is funny sometimes.  Have you ever started something new, and for a while it is exciting and fun, but then it starts to feel more like a chore.  This is what has happened to me.

I remember the time when I would have an idea for a post and would just do it on the spot.

No joke, I have even done them on my Ipad and phone.  It was a blast!!!

While I was writing I would randomly think of pop references and other clever quips along the way and it was a lot of fun.  As my readership increased it became even more exciting to write as I just wasn’t expecting all that. In fact I alluded to that surprise here and here.

In the beginning I started quite modestly on a site called…oh goodness I have forgotten what it was called but it was a site other than WordPress.  Then I considered doing posts on blogger but for some reason I decided against that so I ended up on WordPress, and it is here that I remain.

Once here I rapidly went from a few hits a month to hundreds per week even getting up to 33,000 views in the year of 2013.   I thought I hit my peak of hits for the month in August 2013, but surprise….It was actually on December 9, 2014 where I got 398 hit.

To date my most popular article to date was this.  To date its been read over 1,500 times and when I wrote this, Which got nearly the same number.

Again, far exceeding my expectations.

Well, it went from something I just did to something I did in order to get even more hits, and thats when a bit of disappointment set in.

I would write something and not get very many responses and lets just say the thrill was gone.

The thrill was gone away!

Thanks to Mr King.

So pretty much the same for my blog has been what someone once said about Southern California in that it never rains there. Although I hear the girls there are pretty nice.


Hmm, maybe just maybe there will be a sudden downpour after all….We shall see.

Lovely walk in May part 1


LOL!!! a year later

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I am so privileged to live as close to Rock Creek Park as I do. It is a privilege I have been able to enjoy for most of my life and one that I am able to make full use of.  In fact i was just there yesterday.  While I was there I was able to enjoy the nice spring weather at last as this year old man winter just refused to go back home.

It was during this nice long walk that I noticed several springs that have survived only because of there being a part of Rock Creek Park. This is noteworthy because the Washington, DC area was once blessed with many of them.

2014-05-06 13.26.16

It was on the banks of one of these springs one day that I lifted up a rock and found a crayfish while on a hill.  I was rather surprised to find it where…

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The dry spell

You ever meant to do something but kept putting it off?  Well, then you can relate to how it’s been for me lately on this blog.  At one time I posted several times a week but then my additions have been fewer and fewer.

In fact, it’s gotten to the point that months will pass by without me putting anything new on here.  This has happened despite me continuing to do what I love,  exploring the natural world around and in Washington DC.

You may be happy to know that I have several new posts that I intend to share with you very soon in fact before the day is over you shall have two of them.

Thanks for your patience I just don’t want to become somebody that you used to know.

Oh, and before i forget.  I have been periodically putting on audio podcasts on Hackerpublic radio so you can check me out there ogg:  and

I have long thought of how cool it would be to have an audio version of certain things so finally i got around to doing it. I hope you enjoy and maybe you’ll be able to catch more of the pop references that are so often in my writing.

Drama on the bus…..again

Ya know its really something how something as simple as a bus right down the street can be such a hassle.  You would think that a person could walk up the steps, tap their smart trip card to pay their fare and then sit down. That would be absolutely awesome.

Unfortunately, I just doesn’t work like that. 

For instance, today I was riding the bus on the way to get some food.  I was only to be a roughly 20 minute bus ride on a rather nice day in late March, but nooooooooo.  That was just too much to ask for one very important reason.

Mo’ people mo’ problems. 

Frankly I don’t know what they want from me it’s like the mo’ people we come across , the mo’ problems we see.

I got on the bus and thankfully I had sufficient funds to cover my fare without needing to add more money.  OK, cool.  I walk towards the back of the bus through what appears to be a maze of bodies in front of me.  All of them seem to have a terrible fear of something….that of standing in the back of the bus.  Granted I could have sat in the very front, but I know there are going to be others who need it more like the elderly, those that are disabled or have babies with them.

Frankly these ones already have 99 problems and I refuse to be one of them.

I think it’s stupid to sit in that area knowing full well I am going to have to move later and I was rewarded with a seat in the back.  It was how do you say…..quite a cozy spot, because the other two people were no strangers to culinary pleasure.   Good grief it was like three peas in a pod!

Now, I’m not to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me.

Thank you Miss Butrell.

There was a serious sigh of relief when they got off the bus, right afterwards there was drama….Apparently the driver on the bus said “move on back” and a mother with two sons got into an argument with the lady behind her who had been rude to her.  I was sitting there and they went back and forth for a little bit before things settled down.

Meanwhile, the entire time where was a nice sized area in the back of the bus where no one occupied space.


Oh, and did I mention that a man sat down a seat from me, now I heard of Bag lady but this apparently was her husband Bag man.  He was a rather interesting fellow that appeared to be getting rather upset that we were quite delayed at several bus stops thanks to be people being well….people.  I was a bit annoyed as well,  So a few more stops and I made an important decision…

I would simply get off the bus and walk the rest of the way.

What a Capital idea!!!!

mintCast 220 – Martin Wimpress and Ubuntu MATE


I really enjoyed this episode

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