Lovely walk in May part 1


LOL!!! a year later

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I am so privileged to live as close to Rock Creek Park as I do. It is a privilege I have been able to enjoy for most of my life and one that I am able to make full use of.  In fact i was just there yesterday.  While I was there I was able to enjoy the nice spring weather at last as this year old man winter just refused to go back home.

It was during this nice long walk that I noticed several springs that have survived only because of there being a part of Rock Creek Park. This is noteworthy because the Washington, DC area was once blessed with many of them.

2014-05-06 13.26.16

It was on the banks of one of these springs one day that I lifted up a rock and found a crayfish while on a hill.  I was rather surprised to find it where…

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The dry spell

You ever meant to do something but kept putting it off?  Well, then you can relate to how it’s been for me lately on this blog.  At one time I posted several times a week but then my additions have been fewer and fewer.

In fact, it’s gotten to the point that months will pass by without me putting anything new on here.  This has happened despite me continuing to do what I love,  exploring the natural world around and in Washington DC.

You may be happy to know that I have several new posts that I intend to share with you very soon in fact before the day is over you shall have two of them.

Thanks for your patience I just don’t want to become somebody that you used to know.

Oh, and before i forget.  I have been periodically putting on audio podcasts on Hackerpublic radio so you can check me out there ogg:  and

I have long thought of how cool it would be to have an audio version of certain things so finally i got around to doing it. I hope you enjoy and maybe you’ll be able to catch more of the pop references that are so often in my writing.

Drama on the bus…..again

Ya know its really something how something as simple as a bus right down the street can be such a hassle.  You would think that a person could walk up the steps, tap their smart trip card to pay their fare and then sit down. That would be absolutely awesome.

Unfortunately, I just doesn’t work like that. 

For instance, today I was riding the bus on the way to get some food.  I was only to be a roughly 20 minute bus ride on a rather nice day in late March, but nooooooooo.  That was just too much to ask for one very important reason.

Mo’ people mo’ problems. 

Frankly I don’t know what they want from me it’s like the mo’ people we come across , the mo’ problems we see.

I got on the bus and thankfully I had sufficient funds to cover my fare without needing to add more money.  OK, cool.  I walk towards the back of the bus through what appears to be a maze of bodies in front of me.  All of them seem to have a terrible fear of something….that of standing in the back of the bus.  Granted I could have sat in the very front, but I know there are going to be others who need it more like the elderly, those that are disabled or have babies with them.

Frankly these ones already have 99 problems and I refuse to be one of them.

I think it’s stupid to sit in that area knowing full well I am going to have to move later and I was rewarded with a seat in the back.  It was how do you say…..quite a cozy spot, because the other two people were no strangers to culinary pleasure.   Good grief it was like three peas in a pod!

Now, I’m not to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me.

Thank you Miss Butrell.

There was a serious sigh of relief when they got off the bus, right afterwards there was drama….Apparently the driver on the bus said “move on back” and a mother with two sons got into an argument with the lady behind her who had been rude to her.  I was sitting there and they went back and forth for a little bit before things settled down.

Meanwhile, the entire time where was a nice sized area in the back of the bus where no one occupied space.


Oh, and did I mention that a man sat down a seat from me, now I heard of Bag lady but this apparently was her husband Bag man.  He was a rather interesting fellow that appeared to be getting rather upset that we were quite delayed at several bus stops thanks to be people being well….people.  I was a bit annoyed as well,  So a few more stops and I made an important decision…

I would simply get off the bus and walk the rest of the way.

What a Capital idea!!!!

mintCast 220 – Martin Wimpress and Ubuntu MATE


I really enjoyed this episode

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Wonderful time in Addis

addisSometimes its good to try something new,  to allow oneself to experience the cuisine of another culture.  Of this I encourage you to take the opportunity to do so.

Yes, there will be food you don’t like, you will have your likes and dislikes.  You may even food you never want to eat again, but at least once you have tried it so you can intelligently say that you don’t like it.

Thankfully today I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Addis Ababa Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland.  I had already made the decision that day that I would try Ethiopian food and despite other possibilities I stuck to my choice.

So I went in the restaurant and the waitress was truly a lovely woman.  Certainly not a Liberian girl for she was from the other side of the continent but I think you get the point.

I asked for a menu and when I got it I was happy to see something that sounded good to me:  Yebeg Tibs.


I chose Yebeg Tibs because I love to eat lamb (sorry lamb chop) and like I mentioned before, I wanted to try something new.

I sit down and take in the ambiance of the restaurant.  It was nice and quiet, with no one else in there, which I liked a whole lot.

A whole, whole lot!!!

Yeah, I know, you’re probably gonna say that if a restaurant is empty, then it must not be very good. As you have probably figured out by now.  That just wasn’t true this time.

Soon thereafter the food arrives and my, my, my, did it look good.  And the flavor was so good, so good that i have decided to thank James for it.

Thank you James!!!

Too bad you can’t hear me right now, but maybe I can thank you later.

I digress while I digest, quite literally speaking.

In the basket at the top of the picture is a basket filled with Injera bread. They were rolled up and the food rested on an unrolled piece of bread as well.  The chopped tomatoes went very well with the lamb meat in the middle.

My goodness It was some kind of wonderful!

Speaking of wonderful, remember when I mentioned before that the waitress was very beautiful, well because of that I felt as though I was 30 going on 13 as a result.

Talk about an interesting experience!!

With all of that said it should be painfully obvious that I will most certainly go back to Addis Ababa restaurant

I Gawr-On-Tee!!!

Thank you Justin, it seemed most appropriate to give a shout out to him since I used to watch him on Cajun Gourmet cooking show when I was little.  That was something that he would say and it brings back warm memories just like my lunch today has as well.





A very lame meal


Today I decided to something different. I had noticed that a certain Indian restaurant had a lunch buffet for $10.99. I thought to myself “not bad”. You see I had had Indian food before on many occasions and have even ate a nice lunch buffet meal at a wonderful place in Clarendon that I have written about before.

I say that to really emphasize that while I love Indian food, I really, really was not feeling the place I went to today. In fact, to further illustrate the fact that I didn’t like it I won’t even speak of it by name.

Also, please keep in mind that I am far from picky, so when it comes to food it’s pretty hard for me not to like something.  With that said it is truly a surprise that I disliked it as much as I did.

Want me to be more specific? Sure I thought you’d never ask. I was expecting the food to be outstanding but it sure did knock me out.

Yeah, Knocked me right out of there when I finished.

Granted it wasn’t a diabetic nightmare like some other buffets I have been to but it certainly was not one of my favorites. For one, the curry chicken had a bite to it and all, but that’s all it was, there was nothing unique about it. The curry vegetables were actually a little better and to be honest I forgot what the rest of the choices were.

I thought the dessert was going to be good but unfortunately I was disappointed once again because whatever it was that I had it made the paste I ate in kindergarten all the more appetizing.

You know I after all that have something positive to say…….

I really liked the bread and the water!!!

Isn’t that sad? Sure it is.

I also am happy to announce that I liked the ambiance of the restaurant that was pretty cool although much like pink cookies in a plastic bag getting crushed by buildings you probably could care less about that at this point.

Thankfully while my small intestine and colon were about the have an argument, they have managed to work out their differences and are now at peace with one another.

What else is there to say about my experience today? Well not a whole lot except that I will not be going to the same restaurant again… least not for the lunch buffet.

Oh, well such is life.


Anthony finds more Persimmon trees


Yes, we’re gonna start on a bad note, like Reuben Studdard once said:

I’m Sorry!!

I am sad to report the lost of two Persimmon trees that once existed along a fence of Nicholas Orem Middle School in Hyattsville, Maryland. There was once a small playground there and the two trees were close to each other and I recall them bearing fruit during the winter. These are the two trees that I spoke of in a previous post, and going to the area years later I could see that where they were was nothing but a large expanse of mud. The small church/school that was once next door was now a large Montessori school. I used to live in the area right down the street so I would walk by them pretty often but for somehow I never thought to collect the fruit and plant the seeds, for then my project would have been in full swing a long time ago.

Although not exactly in a galaxy far, far, far, far, far away

Now that you have heard the bad news, let me share with you some good news: Not far from Prince Georges Plaza station there are six Persimmon trees with lots and lots of fruit. Its funny since I came across those trees over ten years ago before the building of a mall when that was just a large parking lot. I only remember one or two trees but once I saw them I decided to look around and to my surprise there were 4 more each appeared to be planted in twos. This made sense because the Persimmon is a tree that needs another one nearby in order to be properly pollinated.

Thankfully I was able to collect several pounds of Persimmon fruit. They are safely in my refrigerator and soon I will separate the pulp from the seeds and store them to stratify in the fridge over the winter. Once the winter is over, I will remove them and plant the seeds in some seed trays where hopefully they will germinate. In addition to the ones I sprout at home, I will be planting the seeds at a number of locations. In fact, this reminds me that I ought to label the location that I collected the Persimmons as well as time of year and pictures of the tree if possible.

I am choosing to do that with the goal of encouraging genetic diversity among the resulting seedlings. Since I have hundreds of seeds already and more to be collected over the winter there will be no shortage of Persimmon trees in the years to come. Your gonna like this project:

I guarantee it!!

Other locations where I have been pleasantly surprised to find Persimmon trees are in the Takoma neighborhood of DC, near the Takoma Aquatic Center. As well as Along Canal Rd in Northwest DC adjacent to the Palisades neighborhood. There are several persimmon trees growing along a stone wall, the best way to reach the fruit would actually involve going in the water to the narrow strip of land that is between the wall and a bike/walk trail.

One day while walking around minding my business, near 16th st. I came across a……you guessed it yet another Persimmon tree. It looked rather lonely sitting all there all by itself so I told her that you’ve got a friend in me.


Hopefully there are more trees to be found and lots more fruit to collect. So stay tuned for more updates on that as I assure you it will be something like a phenomenon.