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I love Quail!!!


Ever since I was a little kid I have walked past various restaurants in the DC area, and there are certain things that I have noticed on the menu.

This is one of them!

I happened to go to a Vietnamese restaurant one day and as I looked at the menu I saw Quail.  I thought to myself “what a wonderful world” .   Actually, kinda sorta but more like “if I order this will it actually be a real meal or just itty bitty finger food“?.

I decided to take a chance, after all, I could say that I have had Quail.  It was ordered and when it was finally ready and in front of me now was when I thought to myself: “what a wonderful world”.  Oh the colors of the vegetables on the place were just so pretty, so pretty in fact it made my brown eyes start to tear.

Just a little bit.

There was a feeling of euphoria as I bit into the succulent morsels, which yielded rather easily thanks to the tenderness of the bird. It was rather reminiscent of duck, which I absolutely love, both cooked and alive.

Of course, I also love chicken but that was a different post.

Oh, and the meal was more than I expected, it was rather satisfying.  It is at this point that I wish to insult the Israelite’s of Bible times for being morons.

I mean first you complain about manna, then you get this wonderful bird in abundance……..and your still not happy.

I just don’t get it, especially after this wonderful experience that I hope to enjoy again real soon.





A new mammal has been found!

The olinguito, a small mammal native to South America, was announced as the first new carnivorous mammal species discovered in the American Continents in 35 years today. (Mark Gurney )

Here’s lookin’ at you…..kid.


I find it absolutely amazing that despite the thousands of years that this earth has suffered degradation from humans that there are still new animals to be found.

An insect, fine.  Some obscure shrew, or invertebrate?  OK, but an animal in the raccoon family that is over a foot long…..Now that’s what I call entertainment!

There are of course reasons why this animal hasn’t been found before, and one of them is that where it lives is in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador where it can indeed be difficult to see whats really up there.  Also they are so well adapted to their arboreal existence that they don’t see much of a need to go to the forest floor.

Initially I assumed that the terrain of the land was especially hard to cultivate as us humans are rather fond of sawing entire ecosystems to shreds.  Well, as it turns out, a rather large percent of the habitat of the olinguito has been destroyed already.

Now If you look at this animal and you exclaim:  “That’s nothing new!  That’s a Kinkajou!”, and you know what?

I’ll allow it!

Yet, unfortunately it isn’t.  But don’t take my word for it…..Take a gander at the article below:–219762981.html




My memories of Georgetown (DC)

I can remember being about 7 or eight years old and I was hanging out with my mom.  It was a cold winter’s day, there was ice and snow on the ground and I had my bugs bunny hat on.  

Whatever happened to that hat?

We had gotten bored being in the house and my grandparents had left for church.  So, as was typical my mother would take me to Georgetown.

This all took place in the very early 90’s.  At that time there was a toy store known as FAO Schwartz,  it was somewhere you would find me quite often.  I’ll never forget the big dinosaur feet that stood at it’s entrance.

Too bad that store closed years ago, in fact, it was a long long time ago and no, it was not a very good year at all, although I was close to seventeen at the time.

True story

The title is about  the changes I have observed in Georgetown and one thing about change is that it can be for the good or the bad.

In these cases it has been for the bad at least for me personally and I have no doubt that it has affected others negatively as well. After all, I wasn’t the only kid that ever went there, that ever enjoyed looking at the plush dog that could do flips.

Do you remember the days when you could just go to a toy-store and no one tried to rush you out of it?  I do.

Over twenty years have gone by since that scene at the outset, and gone are several more wonderful places I frequented as a child.

1.  FAO Shwartz

2. Learningsmith

3.Barnes and Noble

4. B-Dalton

5. Commander Salamander

6. The Little Tavern

7. Uno’s

Of those the one that is the most recently closed down is Uno’s.  I remember going there and ordering the Jambalaya Pizza.  It was so tasty, although it hasn’t been on the menu in years.

The thing about places like there is that they tend to be where you go with the people you love, the memories I have of them take me back to a very happy time in my life.  A  time when we all were much younger, before certain one’s in my family grew old, got sick or died.

Such is life I guess.

At this point I will call it quits on this post for now but soon, I will talk about what happened to these wonderful places.




Hello Deer




For a long time I was thinking about getting a bike and then the unexpected happened.   One of my friends asked me if I could come over to his house and help him to get his internet working.   Another friend was nice enough to bring me there and so we got it done.

As a result, I ended up with a bike.

How nice!

After a few weeks, I decided to ride it, so excitedly I went down to the nearest gas station and filled the tires with air.  Then, I rode down the hill and over to Rock Creek Park.

Once there I was so happy to be away from the cars for a while…and only a while as I would soon find out.

So, I ride down a long hill and I loved it like a love song…baby!

I get to the bottom of the hill, and head south.   It wasn’t long before there were cars behind me and no where for me to be but the street.  Yet, I was still enjoying the ride.  eventually I decided to stop and head back.

It didn’t take long for me to get annoyed by the cars, I just wasn’t expecting there to be so many.  I was so much different from walking where I would be on a trail through the woods higher up and the cars wouldn’t be an issue but down here it made me nervous.

As I continue I happen to see a female deer browsing the vegetation nearby.   In fact, she was closer than she appears in the picture.  I would have preferred to use my iPad, but I didn’t bring it.

So, I get off the bike and start to take pictures of her and even did a short video as you can see here.

It was nice watching her for a while and then I continued on the way home and while normally “what goes up must come down”, this would be the opposite for “what went down, must now go up”.  You think I rode the bike up that steep hill.

No way!!!

Thankfully there were only a few cars going up the hill so it made it easier for me to walk it up.

Oh, and I ended up seeing the same deer again,  LOL!!!



A day with geese

English: Canada geese and goslings

English: Canada geese and goslings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Canada Geese (Branta canadensis), on ...

English: Canada Geese (Branta canadensis), on pond in Mer Bleue Conservation Area, Ottawa, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope your ready for a long story……..I promise I will get to the geese but what led up to it was interesting as well so I thought I would share it with you.

Don’t you hate it when you try to plan something, but it goes completely awry?

So, I decided to text one of my friends at about 11 am and he told me he wanted to hang out in Georgetown and I was cool with it.  He had several errands to run until then and so did I so the plan sounded great.  Hours passed and we agreed on a good time for the both of us.

At the same time I was trying to get others to chill with us, it was all planned out.


I call him letting him know I had arrived, he was still waiting on people that were going to ride with him, and unexpectedly two of my cousins wanted to come to.  (That was cool by the way, I just knew that they already had plans for the day.)

A little bit later he calls me and mentions that prior to speaking to me, he had already made plans for the day to go to National Harbor.   I should have knew what was about to happen.

I get another call and I ask him if he is coming to Georgetown for sure and he replies……yes.  So I thought that he would be down shortly.

Surprise!!!! He decided to change his mind and go to National Harbor, and asked if we would come meet them there.

  What a loser!!!!

Why didn’t you just say you were going to go to National Harbor in the first place?

Meanwhile I had called my brother Ed and he was on the way over.   He was concerned about parking in the area,  so he said that he would park a distance away and then walk the rest of the way.  I figured that would allow time for the others to arrive.

I’m so glad I did.

So I just decided to hang out with him instead and that’s how we ended up seeing Canada geese.  There were three pairs of them and they each had goslings with them.   One of them had four. the others had two.  It was nice to see them enjoying there day and the goslings foraging in the grass.   They didn’t seem to be very uncomfortable despite how close we were to them.

Cute little guys

As it turns out I had a sandwich that I had purchased earlier and hadn’t finished so I decided I would try to feed the geese by hand.  At first i would throw some pieces of bread towards the geese and that lured them a bit closer, then that awesome moment when one of the adult geese reached up and took it right from my hand.  I could feel its beak it felt like plastic and didn’t hurt my fingers at all.

That was great and you know what else?   Ed got it on video.

I’ll show that one to you later but I do have this one.

Yes, that was me narrating by the way LOL!!!

A wonderful turn around of events I might say.  This wasn’t exactly what I expected but it was still pretty awesome thanks in part to the wonderful geese we saw.

Then we continued walking for quite a while and I will discuss that in a future post.

I’m still at it

Thailand tree

Thailand tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


It’s probably obvious to you that I love to blog.   Just the same, I’m going to say it again…..




I love to blog!!!!


Also when I blog, I don’t just blog about one particular subject, In fact i can be rather random.  There is indeed something for everyone and that just sort of happened organically over time.  Yes there is everything from Linux to Food, rants and raves.  As a result you will find posts by me that are about Linux such as this one which the second post I ever made.  Or talking about how I got started with this family of operating systems.


Believe me, there are many many more on Linux alone, in fact there are hundreds that either I wrote myself or I decided to reblog something that someone else wrote (because I liked it THAT much).


In November of 2011 I wrote about the flooding in Thailand.  I am so happy that madness is over and prices are reasonable again.  In fact I can easily get a 1 TB hard drive for about $100.00.  


January of 2012 I was thinking about security so I write this.


The rants would begin in February of the same year.


You ride public transportation?  Well I do quite a bit so I figured you would get a kick out of hey you or drama.  You will probably get the hint that it can be rather annoying thanks to inconsiderate people.


I could go on and on and on and on but I wont even though I know I’m a one in a million.   It would be much easier for you just go to my blog and on the right hand side under “search” type in a word of interest.    Or also on the right side but after you scroll down under “categories” that would be cool too.


Yes I have built up this blog over time, now its time for you to check it out.


I have reblogged quite a few times and I would appreciate some reciprocity as well.  I appreciate all the replies I receive and I TRY to respond to all of them.


So, don’t just stand there…….BUST A MOVE!!!


I hope you will enjoy what you find












Is it summer yet?

April 10, 2010, its 90 degrees outside in Washington DC and I love it!  I was amazed to find out a few moments ago that it is even hotter in Baltimore, MD.    Another fun fact:  It is hotter here than it is in Miami, Florida.

To think I was about to go there today…..oh well!!!

Funny thing is,  I was on the phone with one of my good friends and he told me in Minneapolis there is snow.   When I told him what it was like here he was like “dude, are you serious?”  and I was like ” well, yeah”.

He is also curious as to whether or not it rains in southern California but that’s another story.

I digress

So, I decide to walk quite a bit earlier and being that I love the heat it was absolutely amazing to me.   Unlike some of you that are complaining…”it’s hot, it’s hot”

Gimme a break

Personally I am glad that it’s not cold outside anymore and I welcome more warmth.  Last year I found it to be really interesting and I am curious to see how it will be this time.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see

This is only a request

Hello everyone, I have noticed something lately that I thought I would bring to your attention.  You see, quite often I will read your posts and like them, I also will repost them, depending on how much I like them.

With that said, it would be awesome if you would do the same for me.

Over the course of a year and a half (about that) I have written lots and lots of articles here.  Mostly about Linux in general, but there are others about nature, personal rants, etc.  So there is bound to be something you like a lot.

So hook a brotha up!  Thanks in advance.


Yeah, major snow-storm!!



Notice the path to trash is clear

Notice the path to trash is clear

Yesterday I hear about a major snowstorm to affect the DC area.  I figured that it wouldn’t have much of an affect on me since I was expecting the snow to really hit on Wednesday.  This would mean that I would still have to go to work the previous night.

To my surprise and heart-felt applause, while speaking to one of my co-workers he tells me that work was cancelled.  Initially I thought to myself “am I dreamin”?,  he’s about to say:

Sike!!! What are you stupid?  Of course we are going to work!!!

Yet, that never happened, what he said was true.

So I enjoy a night of relaxation and even went to sleep earlier than normal (that was weird).

I wake up this morning to see snow on my grass but it was just a little bit. A touch of love you might say.  Well, it was enough to shut down school for certain one’s and was in-fact something that would hardly affect me at all. In fact, as the above picture shows the sidewalk to my trash-bins is clear.  Fancy that!!

So, here I am, enjoying peace and quiet.  Just the way I like it. I decide to check the weather again and here is what I saw.  Blah blah blah, it’s gonna keep snowing.

I decided to  look outside, and guess what?  It’s raining.  Of course, if it goes below freezing tonight then ice is likely to be an issue in the morning.  Just the same I still have this to say:

Ya’ll be cisin it up sometimes!!!