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Will Anthony get a new theme for his post?

A few days ago I came across a pretty cool blog, the writer of which thought it was going to be boring. The jokes on him because it wasn’t Like I said it was anything but boring, one reason is … Continue reading

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My annoyances with Jurassic Park Builder

Seems like just yesterday when I started playing this game.  It was in the spring of this year that I was given a gift from my brother, one that caused me to “think different”.  Yes, you may already know, it … Continue reading

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Mac Pro build-to-order upgrade pricing revealed

Originally posted on MacDailyNews:
[cfsp key="google_adsense_300x250"]“Late last week, we noted that Apple’s business sales staff have been offering customers price quotes for build-to-order configurations of the new Mac Pro, providing the first glimpse at what these machines will cost beyond…

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Winter is cold

So anyway, I am at the bus stop and this lady says that she could have worn a warmer coat than she did.  An older next to her said:  “Well you know it’s winter and it’s cold every year”. “I … Continue reading

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All around the world

I just so happen to look at the panel that allows me to look at the list of countries that have been checking out my blog. Whew! I ended up coming across places I had never heard of before such … Continue reading

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An unfair comparison: iPad Air vs. iPad 2

Yes, I know I am wrong for this but it looked like fun so it had to be done. I happened to be in an electronics store and I saw the iPad Air and iPad 2 side by side.  It … Continue reading

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Just a simple touch on black friday

      So I was in Barnes and Noble today and I saw a sign and no, it didn’t open up my eyes.  Well, maybe for a moment. You see, they were advertising the Nook Simple Touch for $40.00 … Continue reading

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Life on other planets

I really enjoy Reddit because I come across some very interesting articles that people have posted on there.  They all involve the estimation of billions of planets that could possibly support life.  These planets have a star very much like our sun … Continue reading

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You guys are great!!

    I will never make a promise that I can’t keep so whoop! here it is. The first post of length that I have made in quite some time. Yet I can see that even though its been a … Continue reading

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A little time travel ehh!

  Goodness, I never know what I am going to come across in a day.  I could be looking for one thing, and BAM!!! something else that I would have never expected catches my attention. Here is yet another case … Continue reading

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Don’t spread your germs

Good grief! I was down for about 2 weeks all because of a stupid viral infection. Thankfully though, it is over for me! But here’s the thing: there are people right now that are sick, and there are those that … Continue reading

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How to install Mate 1.6

Two weeks ago, I came across an article on a Linux news site and decided to go for it.  I was already interested win in updates to the Mate desktop environment so it was wonderful timing that I came across this … Continue reading

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CyanogenMod: This just might work

Wow! never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a thing to happen! Of course, it hasn’t yet but nonetheless this is an excellent idea.  The idea of CyanogenMod becoming an app that you can install from the … Continue reading

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I love being helpful

I know there are times in which I will search for how to do something online and it feels as though I have to jump through hoops just ti get what I need. Isn’t that annoying? I know it is … Continue reading

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Some people are just selfish

There are times when I have been on the way home and I am waiting for the bus.  I wait for a while, and then it appears.  At that point I know I’ll be home shortly. But noooo!!! Instead of … Continue reading

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