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How to be nice

Sometimes we do things because we fee it’s the nice thing to do and while we may have good intentions, the result of our actions end up being the opposite of what we hoped for.

This brings to mind an old saying that goes like this:

“Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man a fish and he eats for a lifetime”.

Wise words eh? Now think for a moment, Of the two choices, regarding another person which leads to the best outcome?

Well you could go for the first choice, problem is the person in need doesn’t ever learn how to take personal responsibility for himself. Instead, he learns how to rely on the one thats going to do for stuff him over and over and over again. In other words, your not not really helping him you are enabling him to become a burden on others even when you are not around. Again, your intentions are good, and it may be easier to just feed the man rather than invest the time and energy to teach him how to provide for himself.

However, you are hurting not only him but yourself and all that care about him as well. In other words everyone loses.

Yes, you may say to yourself that tough love sucks. But how do we make it so that our friend truly benefits in the long-term?

Well, take the time to teach your friend a skill? This may become a real investment of time but now he grows not only in self-confidence but he learns to do for himself and is no longer a problem for others. In fact, he has the chance to spread the love and by doing so he can assist others who may be in need.

With all that said, to be nice isn’t always about doing whats easy. It’s about doing what is best overall.

My fist render In Blender


My first render

My first render

Have you ever….No, not that song. LOL!   But seriously, Have you ever meant to do something and for some reason or another you put it off over and over and over day after day week after week and month after month?

No doubt you have for that is what happened to me.  Quite literally in fact.  You see, there’s this program called Blender and ever since I found out about it and what it could do I have always wanted to do projects using it.  I didn’t realize that goal until just a few hours ago.  As it turned out today would be a very very very rainy day.

So smile for me, even if your name isn’t Sarah!

Why should you smile?  Well you should already know because that image at the top is indeed my very first render on Blender.  I thought it was gonna take forever to do, especcially with my intel 2000 integrated graphics.  Good thing that it used the CPU instead LOL!!

Now the hardware I was using was a cpu thats i5 2320 8 GB of RAM and as mentioned Intel 2000 integrated graphics which, while certainly not the best by a long shot would prove to work just fine here.

In order to make this cup with the cloth I followed this awesome tutorial on YouTube. Unlike others that I have tried to follow this one didn’t skip steps and also didn’t move too fast either.  I found it easy to understand and actually felt like I was learning something.  Then once I did this one, I just had to see what else the author had available, much to my surprise there was plenty more tutorials for me to follow.

I thought that while I would do the same one again the next time I would change the material of the cloth to denim, change its color and even change the thickness of the cups lip. So be on the watch because that render is coming your way soon.
Goodness I am so happy to finally start using Blender!

So happy that I feel like a room without a roof so clap along with me if you feel the same way.

A bulldog on a skateboard

Pardon my pups

Pardon my pups

Rarely is it that I actually post on a Sunday as I am generally with family all day but today things are rather different.  So I decided to sit here and write something unsure of what I would do at all but confident that something would indeed come to mind.

Aha! I’ve got an idea, since I have mentioned that I have a rather random life what would fit better than a bulldog on a skateboard?

Isn’t that just awesome!!

This is a pretty old picture that I took with a cellphone by the way so please pardon my pups when it comes to the quality of it.

This happened to be before I got my iPad 3, which would have taken a way better picture, but of course would be rather awkward to pull out all of a sudden to capture this image. Not to mention how foolish I would look to be in the middle of the sidewalk to get it.

Not that it’s ever stopped me before!!

Maybe you would like it if you saw me do some basic work on this picture with a program called Gimp?

bulldog on skateboard

See, isn’t that just a little bit better?

Tell ya what, I’ll try again and mess with it again

bulldog20120329_1749082LOL! that was fun!


Linux Mint is still my mate

Now that I have been using Linux Mint for over a year and a half I must say that I am very happy with it.

Previously, I was concerned about being stuck with a desktop that I just didn’t like. Goodness I would be so upset if I was limited to what the other operating systems are offering. Fortunately thanks to the power of Linux that would prove to be a fear deferred.

When I got started with Linux I was using Gnome 2 and fell in love with it.  I remember the time when we first met and I said to myself……..

What a wonderful world!!!

Yes, I had to get used to the idea of not installing programs that end in .exe, or having to go to various sites to get what I need.  But what I got used to quickly was the concept of being able to install everything that I want without having to go to a brick and mortar store, or spend money that I really just didn’t have at the time.

As a result you can probably understand why I love using Linux in general but to narrow it down even more I love using Linux Mint with  Mate.  I tried XFCE and wasn’t feeling it and Unity I feel was anything but.  I even tried cinnamon and I can’t quite figure it out but I just preferred Mate over all of those.

I digress.

Yes, I am aware that now there exists a Mate version of Ubuntu.  I am happy to hear that as I want to see Mate used more and more and Ubuntu is a wonderful vehicle to raise its popularity .  But to be honest when it comes to Ubuntu its a bit…..”Too late baby now its too late.”

Thanks Carole…..

Now I am on Linux Mint 17 and Mate continues to be great.  I look forward to continued use of it for the foreseeable future.

To the developers of Mate I say thanks…I wish you love

I killed the Mac Pro



One day I had a great idea, or so I thought. I thought if I just take one of my hard drives that already has Linux installed onto it and put it in the Mac Pro that maybe just maybe I could get it to run.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple

Ok, no big deal. I would just take that hard drive out and try with a different distro another day. But while the case was open I saw there was dust inside the Mac, and rather than doing the smart thing of blowing it out I like a moron decided to wipe the GPU with a cloth.

Bad move, I know I know!!

I close the case still not knowing that when I restarted it that it would no longer work. I would start it up and nothing would show up on the screen. The power light would come on as normal and then the fans would come on gradually increasing in intensity until they are going full blast.

So, I decided to open the case and inspect the components on the inside. I looked at the RAM, and the GPU. When I looked at the GPU I noticed that one of the capacitors was leaning slightly, reminiscent of the tower of Pisa.

The one to the left is what I noticed

The one to the left is what I noticed

I immediately figured that since the GPU card was damaged that it could be the reason for my troubles. So I decided to go on Reddit and irc with my issues, and while I got some very good suggestions I was unable to diagnose the problem myself. As it turns out my problem could be simply the GPU or it could be even more.

I just have no idea at this point., and at the very least I hope that my display is not damaged although that is highly unlikely. I would simply test that idea with my other computers but I can’t do that because of Geniuses. I would need to have a special connector to the hdmi port of my Gateway PC and then still have a special video card to run it on top of all that.

Talk about a lot of hassle. I don’t see a good reason to jump through all those hoops and as a result I have yet another reason to simply sell the Mac Pro. I could go on and on but I have decided to do a part 2 so stay tuned for that for its coming up soon.