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People love Apple

One thing I have noticed is that when I write about Apple people seem to love it.  In that case, I will continue to do so.

It’s been quite some time since I was a server, yet there are certain memories that will no doubt remain with me for years to come.

Case in point, my first week on the job. I had a guest that ordered food and I was late with the onion rings and the fries combo. Now you would think this wouldn’t be a big deal but noooo! It was because the guy ended up not complaining to me or even going to the manager, but decided to call the corporate office.

The corporate office!!!!

I will never forget my manager laughing at me and telling me that the guy was a real jerk and that he said I gave him the worse service in 25 years of him going to restaurants.

25 years!! Are you serious? That’s just cisin’ it!!

LOL!!! Forgive the DC slang, but goodness. Some people just go above and beyond being petty.

Now did I drop a bowl of salad scoop it up off the floor and then serve it to you? NO. Did I somehow spill hot coffee on you causing 2nd and third degree burns in your flesh? Of course not!


I have never done any of those terrible things either nor would I. Honest.  ;).  Sure I have seen people snap their fingers at me, or yell, scream or otherwise choose to be verbally abusive. But while I don’t see any good in so-called revenge I also will not be sad when people that do that leave

If you wanna see somewhere where people can just be absolutely evil, work as a server. I dare you.

Some people are absolutely cool, you take care of them, and they take care of you. I believe that to be a very simple concept. Yet, it doesn’t always work that way at all, and that’s a real issue.

Now, for those that are not aware of this, most of the money that a server earns is not from what they are paid by the company they are working for but from tips. This of course has it’s ups and downs.

Where I was we got about $2.97/hr. In addition to the tips we received for the day. We didn’t do pool tips (glad of that) so at the end of the day I saw the amount owed to the restaurant and whatever was left was mine. This was done because the servers handled the cash. So, for instance instead of going to a cashier when you were finished paying for your meal you would pay me directly instead. I didn’t have a problem with that at all.

What I did have a problem with was someone deciding to take up a four-top and sit there for hours, meanwhile only wanting a cherry coke. That takes up a nice part of my section and what’s worse I know I’m not getting anything from him but constant requests for more cherry cokes.

Oh and did I tell you about the time I stayed late at work and ended up taking a party of eighteen people. Yes, at this point you are probably like…”this guy is gonna make some good money from that number of people, there’s just no way he wont”. As reasonable as that assumption would be it would be so false, not even anywhere near the continent of Canada. LOL!!!!

For my efforts, I got a whopping twelve (12) dollars as a tip! That’s less than a dollar per person. It was a good thing that the day was great otherwise but still, that is absolutely ridiculous!


A few days ago I came across a pretty cool blog, the writer of which thought it was going to be boring.

The jokes on him because it wasn’t

Like I said it was anything but boring, one reason is that I really, really liked the theme that he used.   Another is that I could understand what he went through.  This was true since I also had a machine set up with both Windows 7 and Linux and somehow, someway, some shape, some form…I managed to mess up the Windows 7 partition.

Hey, It can happen!!

As it turns out it didn’t hurt me any, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Why?  Because it made me use Linux full-time for everything I needed.  Also, my data was safe and still accessible thanks to the way that Linux is.  I was go glad to have Ubuntu 10.10 dual-booted with Windows 7.  Now, before you go and start start downloading Ubuntu 10.10 please be aware that it is no longer supported.

I digress

I mentioned above about a new theme, I had considered the idea for a while and just didn’t put it into action.  Now, I am reconsidering the idea and will likely forget about it again.

Namely me


It all started with this guy.

It all started with this guy. 

Seems like just yesterday when I started playing this game.  It was in the spring of this year that I was given a gift from my brother, one that caused me to “think different”.  Yes, you may already know, it was an iPad 3.  Not my very first tablet that was a Coby 8024, but that was more of a glorified paper-weight than anything else.

I digress

So anyway not long after getting the iPad I found out about the game “Jurassic Park Builder”, and I immediately started to play it.  One of the things that annoyed me about it early on was that it required me to be online in order to  play it.

To be honest, I thought that was absolutely stupid!!!

A lot of time has gone into this game

A lot of time has gone into this game

Yet, I found that I enjoyed the game play so much that I was willing to be forgiving and continue playing the game.  Something else I got annoyed by was that I would be bothered to merge with Facebook.  Again, I thought that was stupid.

The thing is I don’t wanna play with others in this game.  I just want to enjoy it myself and if you want to add a multi-player to that then OK, let people opt into it and not make it something they get hassled about because that just being pressed.

look at this guy

look at this guy

Yes, I know I did say I love the game despite the things I have spoken of before, and to be honest, now I am concerned that I may have yet another reason to be annoyed with Jurassic Park Builder as A new update has been unveiled.   You will be hearing about that soon.




Originally posted on MacDailyNews:

[cfsp key="google_adsense_300x250"]“Late last week, we noted that Apple’s business sales staff have been offering customers price quotes for build-to-order configurations of the new Mac Pro, providing the first glimpse at what these machines will cost beyond the $2999/$3999 base configurations shown on Apple’s site,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Since our initial report, we’ve heard from a few other business customers who received price quotes, and that information has helped us to piece together what we expect retail pricing to be for the various upgrades,” Slivka reports. “For upgrades beyond the $3999 high-end stock configuration, here is our estimated pricing (all prices relative to the stock model):”

CPU (Stock: 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5)
- 3.0GHz 8-core: +$1500
- 2.7GHz 12-core: +$3000

Graphics (Stock: Dual AMD FirePro D500 with 3GB GDDR5)
- Dual AMD FirePro D700 with 6 GB GDDR5: +$600

RAM (Stock: 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 ECC – 4x4GB)

View original 26 more words

So anyway, I am at the bus stop and this lady says that she could have worn a warmer coat than she did.  An older next to her said:  “Well you know it’s winter and it’s cold every year”.

“I responded that today will be a lesson for her and to try again tomorrow”.  The cold lady says that she would. The older lady chuckles and said “that’s right”.  I laughed.

C’mon people!!!

It’s 33 degrees Fahrenheit outside so it makes sense to have on the appropriate clothing.

Meanwhile, yesterday I see people wearing shorts when it was just snowing on Tuesday. I  always wonder why do they do that?   Do they honestly not feel the cold? Goodness, their legs are normally a bright shade of red, reminiscent of ripe pomegranates.  That has got to be uncomfortable.

Put some pants on!

I mean for crying out loud…I had on a pair of sweatpants and pants over that and I could still tell it was cold outside.  Since I HATE cold weather, you know what I do?

I put on more clothes!!!

Others can do the same

LOL!! you know what while baby it may be cold outside, there are places way colder than Washington, DC.  Places like Minnesota where it snows and snows and snows some more.  To the coldest place on earth….Antarctica.


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I just so happen to look at the panel that allows me to look at the list of countries that have been checking out my blog.


I ended up coming across places I had never heard of before such as: Aland Islands, Timor-leste,and Brunei Darussalam.  Now, the Aland islands happen to be in Europe near the southwest coast of Finland. Timor-leste is in Indonesia, and Brunei-Darussalam is located on the island of Borneo in southeast Asia.

Isn’t that awesome!!!

Of course, there were other countries that I am quite familiar with that have been checking me out such as: Australia, Belize, and Spain.

Greenland hit me up twice and while it would be awesome, no one in Antarctica have found me just yet.  However if anyone from Antarctica ever does I will be sure to let you know.

This is such a surprise to me since I never thought when I started this blog that there would be so many people from other countries that would read what I have to say.

I like this a lot




Yes, I know I am wrong for this but it looked like fun so it had to be done.

I happened to be in an electronics store and I saw the iPad Air and iPad 2 side by side.  It took a bit of playing with the iPad Air before I came up with the idea of writing a post about my experience.

This is not by any means an exhaustive review by the way just a few thoughts.

The first thing that I noticed was really obvious, the weight of the two devices.  The Air well….lets say that the name of it was really appropriate as it was light as a feather.  Of course this would be awesome if you were going to be holding it for long periods of time but it also made it in my opinion feel flimsy.

Then I compared the way the text looked when I was using the internet to look at….what else?  My blog.  I noticed the Air was crisp and clean and quite bright, despite the screen not being set at full brightness.  The iPad 2 poor old guy just wasn’t as crisp, which is understandable given that it was released several years ago.

Yet, even at its highest brightness it doesn’t hold a candle to the Air.

Ha ha ha!! brightness…..candle……oh forget it!!!

The cameras were noticeable I noticed I was darker in the 2 than the Air. Oh, and both of them were running iOS7.

All in all this was a rather interesting experience and it was especially interesting given that I own an iPad 3 a generation before and a generation behind the devices that I took a look at today.





English: A Nook Touch Deutsch: Ein Foto eines ...

English: A Nook Touch Deutsch: Ein Foto eines Nook Touch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So I was in Barnes and Noble today and I saw a sign and no, it didn’t open up my eyes.  Well, maybe for a moment. You see, they were advertising the Nook Simple Touch for $40.00 since it was indeed black friday. It perked my curiosity just enough to look it up online.




Here’s what I found:




It’s an e-reader (duh!!!)with 800×600 e-ink touchscreen that is




six inches (167 ppi for those of you that care). It also has a battery that is supposed to last for two months as long as you are not using wi-fi, but that time is much shorter if you are especially if you do it a lot which makes sense.




Immediately I looked for ways to do more with this device than is advertised and here is what I came up with:




Playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on it. Are you serious? That gives it a couple cool points but not very much.




As you can tell it didn’t take too much time for me to get quite bored with the Simple Touch. So I continued to play Jurassic Park Builder on my iPad 3 and when I was done I went downstairs so I could take a look at this tablet thing.




I go to the display and I was amazed at how absolutely hideous the thing was. That black and white screen, while would help to make for a very long battery life as mentioned above, just doesn’t cut it when you have been spoiled like I have. I thought I would give it a chance but only one.




To be honest, It just looked like a Gamecom in a tablet thingamabob.




Speaking of, that thing was awesome!!




English: A Tiger handheld game system.

English: A Tiger handheld game system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But I digress to repeat that I was absolutely not impressed with the Nook SimpleTouch, as far as I am concerned, it was just too simple for me and I don’t mean that in a good way.




My goodness, it made wish my Coby 8024 was still alive and that’s just bad.








I really enjoy Reddit because I come across some very interesting articles that people have posted on there.  They all involve the estimation of billions of planets that could possibly support life.  These planets have a star very much like our sun and are in what is considered the “Goldilocks zone”.

“The Goldilocks zone”,  “what you talkin about Willis”?

Just like the old story it refers  to something that is neither too hot to sustain life, nor too cold.

This is very exciting to me since I look around at the degradation that the earth has experienced at the hand of man over thousands of years and I have a hope that things will indeed get better in the future.  Of course I realize that  happens to be a much more optimistic view of the future than many have, for global warming and other dangers are things that are hotly spoken of at this time

Also, population increase is seen as a major danger, but if there are more planets to live upon, then maybe just maybe the earth can finally get a break.

Then we could truly say: “what a wonderful world”.

For more information: see the links below:



What a journey it has been, but where will it take me?


I will never make a promise that I can’t keep so whoop! here it is.

The first post of length that I have made in quite some time. Yet I can see that even though its been a long time you haven’t left me. As a result, my blog continues to get plenty of hits, it was as if I was constantly posting the whole time. That kind of momentum is not what I expected when I get started, not in the least bit. In fact I figured I would build it but no one would show up. I’m happy to say that I was wrong.

And I thank you, thank you!!!

Here it is November of 2013 and I have been at this blogging thing since February of 2010 which was very soon after I started learning about Linux. In that time as you can see I have had a lot to say about my journey with Linux. Not to mention life in general, I decided early on not to be uber-specific but to be random and its worked fantastically.

Case in point.  This and that.   Surprisingly the one about me getting an Ipad has been a very popular one


With that said I will continue the randomness as it really expresses my personality and allows for a level of flexibility that I enjoy tremendously.

As I said at the very beginning in my “mission statement of sorts” that I learn as I go along and its truly been a fantastic voyage.

It is indeed because of this fantastic voyage that’s I have been able to rekindle an interest in computers in general, as well as the software that runs on it. This has been made a lot easier as I am not exactly made of money. Yet I still have all this wonderful access to stuff I wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise. All thanks to free software and the generous contributions of viewers like you.

LOL!! I had to squeeze that in there somehow.

Yes after nearly four years I am STILL learning and the way I see things I always will. I have no desire to ever be pretentious but simply to share my journey with others which I must say brings me a lot of enjoyment. So by all means tell your friends and family about this blog. I am sure in it they will indeed find something for the people.

Now that’s the scenario

Of course, I could go on and on and on, but I wont.



Goodness, I never know what I am going to come across in a day.  I could be looking for one thing, and BAM!!! something else that I would have never expected catches my attention.

Here is yet another case of that:

Playing Super Mario Bros online!!!

Not only can you play in HTML but you can even create your own levels.   Now, I never had an original Nintendo but I do remember this game as well as Duckhunt which I played online years ago.  Yet this stil takes me back, way back, back into time to when I got my Super Nintendo, I was eight years old when my grandfather purchased it for me.

Some of the games I had were: Super Mario World,  The Lion King, Rocko’s Modern Life:Spunky’s Dangerous Day and others I can’t think of at the moment.

You know what the funny thing is:

I still have it

Although I haven’t played it in about a decade.  In fact I have two since I picked up another one years later. As a result, you can understand why I would be rather excited to come across the following link:

Which links you to:




Good grief! I was down for about 2 weeks all because of a stupid viral infection.

Thankfully though, it is over for me!

But here’s the thing: there are people right now that are sick, and there are those that will get sick before the year is out and the truth of the matter is that if you are contagious, it is not necessary to spread that mess to others.

So what are some practical things to do then?

Well, a major thing is to wash your hands, especially if you have just sneezed into them.

Better yet, sneeze in the crook of your elbow.

Makes sense: For example you may be riding the bus, and you are unable to sit down because all of the seats are filled.  In that case you will be standing up and will need to hold on to the rail to keep from falling down.  If you have the habit of sneezing in your hands you will then place the germs onto the rail which others will end up touching and could easily spread your sickness to them.

This is important, because you have no idea of another person’s health condition or how they will respond to illness.  What may be not such a big deal for you could potentially be very serious to another.

Also, avoid just coughing into the air around other people, that’s just gross.

Breathing in others faces is also gross in such a case.

I know of someone who is sick right now, he kept trying to approach me yesterday and I spoke to him from afar (OK, not very far, but far enough so he couldn’t touch me) The thing is…he wanted to shake my hand and I wasn’t having that.   This may sound rude but this guy has the habit of coughing into his hands and not washing them immediately, not to mention any moment he could cough in my face and I am not trying to get sick again, for a long time.

So I dodged him, you would think he would apply common-sense and get the point…but he doesn’t care so I literally ran from him.  After I initially spoke to him he would see me again and keep trying to approach me and it was rather annoying.

Dude, get a clue!!!!

So please, please, please think about others.  Yes it is generally a nice thing to share, but in this case it really isn’t.



Two weeks ago, I came across an article on a Linux news site and decided to go for it.  I was already interested win in updates to the Mate desktop environment so it was wonderful timing that I came across this one.

Once again I would get to use the Terminal to do what I wanted to do, and this worked out great, now I have a fresh new desktop and I’m very happy with it.

Before I forget let me clarify something: The Gnome Terminal has been renamed Mate Terminal. Repeat after me….The Gnome Terminal has been renamed Mate Terminal.

Very good

One of the things I noticed that changed was instead of going to Applications and then Accessories, to get to the Mate Terminal you still go to Applications but then System Tools.

Something else that’s different is the default font that is used, of course I am not sure of the one that was on Mate 1.4 what I do know is that the font appears smaller.  Not a problem at all though and one that can easily be changed if that’s what you wanted to do.

Here’s that link again to make that upgrade from Mate 1.4 to 1.6 in case:





Wow! never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a thing to happen!

Of course, it hasn’t yet but nonetheless this is an excellent idea.  The idea of CyanogenMod becoming an app that you can install from the Play Store.  I had wanted to install their software but it just sounded like it would be a real pain to do so and so I haven’t as of yet.

But, if this thing actually works out, then I will be doing so as soon as possible.  I see it as being a way to get rid of the bloat that currently exists in Android.

Honestly, I just want a pure Linux phone and this looks like it will deliver an experience that is closer to what I want than what I have right now.




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