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About two months ago, I was running Windows XP Professional on my laptop. I realized that OS was nearing the end of the trail and I was considering the upgrade to Windows 7. It’s not that I just wanted to have something new, older operating systems have more vulnerabilities. I had been keeping the operating system and software updated with the most recent patches, but that only serves to provide the maximum protection available to that OS. I was still using Windows Internet Explorer 8 as IE9 requires either Vista or Windows 7 to run.

Windows 7 sounds like a solid operating system and it has received praise for addressing many of the security issues common in earlier versions of Windows. Having used some form of Windows for several years I was leaning that way, so I downloaded the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. My newer laptop passed, but my…

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As you can see I love working with various Linux Operating Systems, as well as programs that are Open-Source in nature. Speaking of nature, I love long walks where there is plenty of it.
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