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I remembered just now that I could get a DVD, USB or even an SD card already loaded with my desired version of Linux. So I decided to check it out. I was so glad I did because the prices are quite reasonable. Of course you could do this yourself for free but if you don’t feel like it then this is an option for you.  is where to go for it. I will be getting Linux Mint 12 on DVD for $4.95 not bad at all.

Linux Pt.2 (ish).


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Last week Canonical announced a new idea for running their Ubuntu Linux operating systems on a phone. Rather than trying to break into the mobile space as Mozilla is doing with a new OS, they have decided that they will offering the ability to run Ubuntu in tandem with Android. Their reasoning for this is that Ubuntu and Android can both run off of the same Linux kernel. So while you’re out and about with your phone, it runs Android and acts like a phone. When you dock the device, though, the Android processes will be suspended and Ubuntu will begin to run. If you connect a monitor and happen to have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse handy, you can get a full desktop experience that you can put in your pocket and take with you. The best part is that Ubuntu will have access to still run all of…

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