I really looked forward to this release as I was eagerly anticipating what direction Linux Mint was going to go especially once Ubuntu went ahead with its implementation of the Unity interface. I figured it was only a matter of time before the Mint team would decide to do something different from the past.

That decision would become even more important due to the growing fan base that Linux Mint has built up over time. A fan base that has actually in some peoples opinions eclipsed that of Ubuntu. Linux Mint has  had had about two and a half times  the page hits of Ubuntu and that has been true for the last three months.

I personally started using Linux Mint not long after I came across Ubuntu back in 2010. What impressed me about it the most was that it already included codecs which would allow me to play DVD’s and MP3′s etc.  Right out of the box this was something it had over Ubuntu(even though its not like it was hard to get these things set up there). I also liked the color scheme it is very nice indeed.!

I love the fact that it includes various media players that are absent from an installation of Ubuntu with you adding them.

Recently a new version of Linux Mint has been made available, it is nicknamed Lisa and it comes with several changes. One of those changes would be the departure from the traditional Gnome 2 interfaces. In fact there would be several available such as Cinnamon, Gnome 3 and Mate. I really liked Gnome 2 so I would like to stay at least as close to it as I can get at least until I can get used to 3.  In the meantime Cinnamon seems to have the most promise. For a comparison look below.

Cinnamon is #1

Review image

#2 is the default Gnome 3 (Complete with the Mint Gnome Shell Extensions)

#3 Last and not least is Mate

As you can see there are several choices which each can be manipulated for more control and lets you pick what you want, when you want. So by all means have fun and enjoy to wonder that is Linux Mint 12 also known as (Lisa)

Have a minty day!

For more information check out this site. and HERE as well.



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