I explain how to make this operating system more useful to those that are used to windows based systems.

Hello all, I will give you some pointers as to how to make your the Ubuntu Linux operating system more useful to you as I am pretty sure you have been used to using one of the windows based operating systems that have come out over the years like Windows 95, 95, Windows XP, Vista (yuck!!) and last but not least Windows 7.

So here we go, if you were to obtain a live cd that contains Ubuntu you would be able to load up and test the waters without making any adjustments or commitment at all. And should you decide you do indeed like it so much that you want to run it along with your current windows system then that fine, but you may become so fond of it that you decide to use Ubuntu instead. Now it is only fair to warn you, installing files and application is not going to be how you are accustomed to doing it case in point when you want to use a file that ends in .exe you would click on it and it would automatically install itself to your pc. Well Ubuntu is just a bit different in that you will more than likely be using what is known as the Ubuntu Software Center which is a handy way of locating and obtaining what ever programs you are looking for. A great example would be in the world of word processing you would go to the software center and go to where it says office see the picture below: Once you get to office you will then see a selection of programs you can use for your word processing needs. Now you have some choices I want to tell you about. Do you want a quick program to write documents or do you need something more beefier? Well while there are several available for FREE there are two that I truly recommend. Libreoffice is great and for the most part is compatible with Microsoft Word. While Abiword  is very quick and has most of the features you are looking for in the 1st place. Now each of the various editions of Ubuntu already come with openoffice by default so really out of the box you have a great start, however I recommend Abiword as it is very quick and has mostof the features you are looking for in the 1st place.  I also want to bring to your attention the games section there are so many that are available that it is insane. In case you were wondering about the picture if you look on the bottom of it you will see a number 2,174 items that are available all for free!!!

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