Hello all, I am Anthony Venable and a native of Washington, DC. As you can see from my posts I am really into computers and nature and I hope to use this blog as a means of establishing myself online as a Web Publisher. I like the concept of doing this as I am quite a talkative person so to eventually be able to earn an extra income by doing something that I already enjoy doing is something very appealing to me.

I particularly am fond of Linux I remember when I was in college I used to be so enthusiastic about spreading the word about this operating system and its hundreds of distros. What can I say I love choices, I have found that no matter who you are, how old you are, or how much tech savvy you have that you are bound to come across something you like in the world of Linux.

I am also in love with nature always have been, in fact many of my childhood memories involves plants and animals I am just in awe of God’s creation and even as an adult I find myself moved by it.

Please feel free to comment on my posts and reblog as you wish, and of course if I like your blog enough I will do the same for you, also I love to link to pages that give more information about a given subject.

So, by all means check out my stuff and I hope you enjoy!